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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Elevate Your Downtime


Samsung believes that the new galaxy tab s2 that it has recently released is better than the iPad pro. The new ipad is due to release in November. It has released a new ad telling exactly how the galaxy tab s2 is better than the iPad.

The ad features serious looking professionals with a galaxy tab s2 but flip the direction and you will see that so called serious professionals play some addictive games and listen to soulful music on their tab.

The ad is aimed at apple which has seen some serious decline in the demand of the iPad and has been targeting the enterprise customers to increase the sales. To do that, apple is partnering with IBM and cisco. It intends to develop enterprise grade apps and directly sell the hardware, software and the apps to the business consumers.

Samsung on its part, already offer such a solutions to the business users. It has its own Knox software that provide protection to the sensitive data of the consumer and it has also partnered with blackberry which is renowned for providing the security and solutions to the business users. The ad indicated that the galaxy tab s2 will combine the best of both world and offer a middle path where the device can fulfil the business requirement yet still provide entertainment when you aren’t in the mood to work. so are you elevating your downtime?

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