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Someone Created an Absolutely Beautiful Render of Galaxy S7 Superphone

Titbits about the Galaxy S7 Superphone have been leaking at regular intervals. This provided some useful insight into the design language that Samsung is opting for its next superphone. But an artist named Jermaine Smit has created a video that will show you the body design of the Galaxy S7 Superphone.

He was able to create this video based on the leaked 3d render of the Galaxy S7 and the fine details were left to his imagination. This phone looks a lot like the Galaxy s6 but there are some details that are missed by the naked eye to distinguish it as the Galaxy S7 Superphone.

The back of the Galaxy S7 Superphone has a curvature like the note 5 and this indeed gives a nice looks rather than having a flat back. The sim tray slot also has a new position at the top of the phone. It was also reported that the phone will see the return of the micro SD card slot and will also be water resistant. These features made the Galaxy S5 a popular phone but Samsung dropped them in favour of a premium design in the Galaxy S6 and the note 5.

The specification also indicates a snapdragon 820 along with 4 GB of ram. a redesigned version of the Touchwiz will come with the phone that is light on the phone’s processor. It will not bog down the performance like the previous versions. Samsung also plans to cut down on the bloatware and infamous apps that no one uses to make the experience a pleasurable one.

The Galaxy S7 Superphone will be shown to the world next month at the Mobile World Congress to be held at Barcelona and will be subsequently available in march. Stay tuned for more updates.