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LG Has an Idea That Could Revolutionize the Samsung Phones

gsmarena_002Samsung smartphone is tumbling. It is going all out to make sure that its next phone, the galaxy s7, reaches the hands of as many smartphone users as possible. The galaxy s5 was criticized fit is plasticky design that was prevailing in Samsung land from the dawn of the smartphone era.

Consumers weren’t impressed and the same was represented in the sales chart where the phone failed to sell in anticipated numbers. The move to the current metal and glass design in the top tier galaxy phones hasn’t helped Samsung much but the devices were applauded for their artistic design and usability. But Samsung has to sacrifice a lot for these beautiful phones. The microSD card slot, removable battery, dust proofing and water resistant body to name a few.

Although we are hearing the news that Samsung is bringing the expandable memory slot and the ip67 water resistant and dust proofing design, embedding a battery that can be removed is something that is complex to achieve. Yet this hasn’t stopped LG, Samsung’s Korean rival, from attempting to build a phone that is as slim as the iPhone with a metal body but still has a battery that can be slided out. A leak indicated that the LG G5, the upcoming flagship for 2016, will have a battery that can be slided out and be replaced with another one just like popping a sim card.18

To make this possible, LG has made a modular phone with a detachable bottom that can disengage itself from the phone to give access to the battery. I actually think this is a brilliant idea from LG. having a removable battery in this age where the smartphone are just millimetres thin is next to impossible. This isn’t the first time that such an idea is implemented. I saw the same design 8 years ago in the Sony Ericsson k850i. the bottom could be opened and attached itself to the phone via hinge.

This idea could actually improve the galaxy s7 or the note 6 as the battery lasts barely a working day and searching for a power outlet is something not many people find pleasant.