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Apple Is Close to Choosing Samsung as Its OLED Display Supplier

iPhone-6S-Mate-S-Note-5-Fingerprint-Scanner-AA-5-of-7-1340x754Apple is reportedly considering Samsung and LG as its display supplier for the iPhone that will release in 2018. The technology used in the display will be the Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED). This was reported by a newspaper in japan, Nikkei. Sources also indicate that part of the deal also include flexible displays.

Apple has historically bad mouthed the OLED technologies boasting the superior lifecycle and colours in an LCD display that is used in the current iPhone. “awful” was the specific word used by Tim cook when asked why the OLED didn’t make an appearance in the iPhone.

“if you ever buy anything online and really want to know what the colour is, as many people do, you should really think twice before you depend on the colour from an OLED display,” cook said.

JDI was supposed to provide the displays for the future iPhone and is building a manufacturing plant for this specific purpose and apple is funded an unspecified percentage for this factory. Now Samsung and LG have stepped into the scene and will provide the OLED displays to apple. LG has a capability to provide 30,000 displays a month which will later increase to 45,000 to 60,000 units a month. This is for 5-inch screen size.

Samsung is said to have netted a bigger share (30% larger share than LG) due to the fact that it already has a functional plant that produces 90,000 displays a month. It will ramp up the production to 200,000 units to meet the iPhone scale production numbers.

But there might be some trouble in the paradise. Samsung is reportedly being offered less amount of profit as apple expects to procure the OLED displays at a cheaper price as iPhone sells in millions. But Samsung isn’t going back either since it is the only manufacturer which can meet the iPhone scale demand. It is the biggest player in AMOLED displays and supplies to its own smartphone unit as well as other manufacturers.

Stay tuned for this developing story.