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Samsung Looking to Expand the S-Pen Stylus Support for Non-Note Devices

The s-pen stylus is one hell of a device that clearly distinguishes itself from other Samsung devices. I would say that the s-pen stood its ground when apple discarded the stylus for the finger based touch interface. Now after what seems to be a life time in the tech world, the s-pen stylus has inspired many other products like microsoft’s surface pen and apple pencil.

The s-pen is the distinguishing factor for the note series phones. Samsung fiercely protected the s-pen stylus and used it strictly in the note series phones. If rumours and patents are to be believed, Samsung might be bringing this stylus as standalone device that will be compatible with other Samsung phones and hopefully with other android phones.

The s-pen stylus has its own slot in the note phone but how would one retire the stylus if there isn’t any place to store it. The galaxy s6 doesn’t have any openings to store the pen while not in use. I sure don’t want to carry it in my pocket, there is always the danger of losing it.

Samsung seems to have an idea to solve this deadlock. It patented an external case that has the slot for storing the pen. I think this is a fantastic idea from Samsung. The s-pen provided never before productivity features and usually elevates the mobile experience.

The case itself is curious from the patent picture. Though the slot is provided, does the air command options pop up when the stylus is removed and if it does, how would a non-note phone know about the style removal action?

I am sure that Samsung is cooking up something for the galaxy s7 and the s7 edge+. Combining the cutting edge tech of s-series with the note’s productivity is something that would excite me for sure.