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The Flagship Killer, Oneplus 3, Is Housing A Samsung Made AMOLED Display

img-5Oneplus has always positioned its phones as the great flagship killer that rivals the specs of any given flagship phone and even surpasses them in certain cases. the company showed off its latest smartphone called as the Oneplus 3. The superphone has a lot of interesting things in its and one of them is the curious optic AMOLED display.

The display, even though has a fancy name, is just the regular Samsung AMOLED display with a bit of customization. In a REDDIT AMA session, the founder of Oneplus has answered a lot of question and here’s what he had to say about the display.

“We’ve taken Super AMOLED and added our take on contrast and colour temperature, to try and bring it truer to life. In addition, we’ve designed its performance profile to work well when outdoors in bright conditions. do understand that displays get customized for each manufacturer. No serious manufacturer uses off the shelf displays. Even something like colour tone is a combination of hardware and software.”

What he basically says is that the company buys off the shelves displays from Samsung and other manufacturers but asks for customization that they feel right for their phones resulting in an optimal experience.

Not only that, the superphone also uses the fingerprint sensor made by Samsung that is lightning fast as well as secure. Carl Pei mentioned that there wasn’t much choice in the components department indicating that Samsung was a clear leader not only in the smartphone sales space but also the components required to manufacture the phones such as memory, RAM, displays, fingerprint readers etc.

As far as the phone is concerned, many people were amazed at how the company transformed the phone from its previous generations but the lack of a microSD card slot and the full HD resolution display instead of Quad HD is a concern to many.