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What The Hell Was Samsung Doing At E3


Samsung might be a hardware company that rules to smartphone world but curiously, it was present during the Electronics Entertainment Expo or commonly known as E3. This is a gaming mecca for most of the hardcore gamers around the world.The Korean giant has set up a shop that showcased its Gear VR capabilities, top of the line curved gaming monitors and its latest Vulkan API technologies.

Samsung has been pushing gaming on its virtual reality headset and it has brought a new skateboard game, squad up, to the expo. Users who have tried the game left the booth impressed. Lots of developers around the world and at oculus have been hard at bringing intuitive gaming experiences into reality and as most gaming pundits believe, the future of the gaming industry lies in embracing virtual reality technology.

“At Samsung, we always aim to provide new, diverse and fun ways for people to enjoy our technologies,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re excited to couple one of the most cutting-edge graphics technology with the most advanced Samsung devices to bring a better gaming experience to gamers around the world.”

It has also partnered with electronics arts or EA to bring the curved gaming monitors to the expo. These displays are perfectly tuned for gaming experiences with low lag times as well as superb contrast ratio that enhance the gaming experience.

Not only that, Samsung also announced that it is offering $200 worth game pack when you buy the Galaxy S7 or the S7 edge to “kickstart your gaming adventures”