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Should Samsung Ditch the 3.5 mm Audio Jack on its Phones?

Lenovo showed the Moto Z and Moto Z Force to the world couple of days ago. It features a modular design that will let you use moto mods or modular accessories such as a projector or an external battery case. But one thing was missing from the phone. The traditional 3.5 mm audio jack.

How the hell are we supposed to listen to music you may ask. Well, the USB C port on the phone acts as a medium for the data/power transfer as well as the audio jack. Lenovo isn’t alone in removing the much-loved port. The latest LeEco phone have also ditched the 3.5 mm port. It is also speculated that Apple is removing the port for a universal lightning port that can transfer audio data to the headset. So the real question is should the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer ditch the legacy port?

an iPhone concept without the traditional audio port

The answer is quite complicated. First reason is that the Micro USB port currently used in the Galaxy flagship phones are used to connect to the Gear VR headset. Moving to the USB C would be a big step or rather a misstep if a compatible USB C replacement VR headset is not available.

The second reason is that people are quite attached to the audio jack and removing it could mean a disaster to the low-end phones rendering million of headsets useless. Samsung could provide an adapter to connect them, though.

I personally think that Samsung should remove the port on the flagship first. The reason is that the USB C is capable of delivering superior audio signals that aren’t possible with the legacy port.

And like apple, Samsung should bite the bullet and embrace the future before other to make their phones future proof and even more technologically advanced.