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Samsung Warning Its Users Against Upgrading to Windows 10

alcatel-plus-10-kb-dock-1024x659Samsung is advising its users of the computer PCs against installing windows 10 on their machines. The alleged culprits are the incompatible drivers that may cause trouble if the OS has been upgraded and the new drivers aren’t ready yet. Samsung has mentioned that it is in contact with Microsoft to solve the issue as soon as possible.

“Honestly speaking, we don’t suggest installation of Windows 10 to any Samsung laptop or PC and we are still coordinating with Microsoft regarding to this matter,” said the tech support, addressing an issue with a laptop wireless card. “The drivers that we have on our website are not yet compatible to the latest version of Windows.”

“What we usually recommend is to keep the current Windows version and we’ll update you once the Windows 10 have no more issues on any Samsung laptops and computers or even monitors.”Windows10StartMenu

We have to let the users know that windows 10 is a free update to anyone who owns a PC with win7,8,8.1. but that won’t stay free for long. Microsoft has made the OS a free upgrade for the first year of its life cycle and that ends next month after which you will have to pay $120 to get the latest and greatest OS.

But Samsung has taken U-turn after a day has passed causing an uproar in the tech world. it has said that the service representative has given out false information and users who like to upgrade their machine to window 10 can freely do so while they can.

“We apologise for any confusion caused by a recent incident where a customer service representative mistakenly provided incorrect information about Windows 10 upgrades for Samsung notebooks.

“Customers can visit the Samsung website where there is detailed information on the Windows 10 upgrade applicability for each Samsung notebook model run by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.”

I personally recommend the users to upgrade to windows 10 if they are running the previous version of the operating system simply because it’s a great operating system.