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Samsung is Almost as Trustworthy as Apple when Smartphones are Considered


You know that Apple is the top most brand when the smartphone loyalty and customer satisfaction is concerned but most people do not know that Samsung is close on the heels of apple. In the latest survey that was conducted American Customer Satisfaction Index, Apple has scored a total of 81 out of 100. But Samsung has also scored an impressive 80.

Samsung had to put in lots of effort to reach the level of Apple who is known for expensive but top quality hardware and software. The Korean giant has slowly been cleaning its software for optimization, began incorporating premium materials in the hardware and design department and offered innovative services such as Samsung pay and Gear VR headset.

though the scores were level last year at 80, Apple has inched past Samsung this year.

While this is the satisfaction level of the whole company, scores for the individual phone were also conducted among 70,000 users. The winner is surprisingly the Note 5 beating the iPhone 6s plus. Third and fourth in the line is the Note 4 and the Galaxy S6 edge+.

While the smartphones were exceptional, users have pointed out as the battery life as the least liked feature and yearned for better battery life.

Customers have been pretty satisfied with their smartphones and this has turned into a headache for the manufacturing companies. The users are so comfortable that they are refusing to upgrade to the newest model and sticking to their old smartphone for a longer period of time. As a result of this, the overall smartphone industry has reached a saturation point. Even the mighty Apple saw the first sales decline for its iPhone since it was launched.