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Samsung Is Building a Dedicated Game Controller for Gear VR

Gear VR is arguably the most popular VR headset after Google’s cardboard VR. it sold more units than the oculus rift or HTC vive but they are full-fledged VR headset with built-in display and gaming controllers. Samsung seemed to have noticed and is building a gaming controller for the Gear VR so that the user will have a better experience while playing games and navigating the user interface.

The device is simply called as Gear VR controller and the renders have leaked online revealing a simple game pad that also has a single analog stick in place of direction buttons and Xbox styled 4 action buttons. There are also 2 shoulder buttons for added usability. The design of the controller is similar to the Gear VR and looks legit but we cannot confirm that unless Samsung acknowledges its development.

Samsung seems to have opted for resin material over the controller to make it feel grippy and comfortable. This type of black resin material is also found on some Samsung smartphones. There is also a menu button to interrupt the game and well as an LED light that blinks blue while it is in on state and red if the battery is low.

Personally, I like the design and its simplicity. While normal controllers have two analog sticks, directional buttons, action buttons and 4 shoulder button, Samsung’s gamepad offers something unique that is good enough for playing VR games.

The device connects to the Gear VR via Bluetooth and might just be compatible with other smartphones but I wouldn’t bet on it. While not in use, this game controller snaps into the Gear VR like a smartphone does so that you won’t have to carry an extra pouch for its. That’s neat.

The price or the release date isn’t available but is expected to hit the market along with the Note 6.

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