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Gear VR Version 3.0 Will Release Alongside the Note 6

maxresdefaultThe next generation of virtual reality equipment from Samsung could make is debut alongside its next superphone, the Note 6. It was reported by trusted sources that for the first time, the Gear VR version 3.0 will feature a USB type C port.

If you remember, the tech reviewers criticized Samsung for sticking to the old micro USB port in its latest handsets, the Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 edge. But it was a calculated gamble for the manufacturer. It had to make the handset compatible with the existing Gear VR headset that proved to be hugely popular but utilized micro USB port for pairing with a compatible phone.

It was also revealed that Samsung is working on an expensive version that will have a native screen and will work without a smartphone. it isn’t clear how this VR headset processes the required gigabytes of data or when it would be available.

If the reports of a USB type C are true, then we could be looking at a VR headset that has potential far surpassing the current Gear VR when paired with the Note 6 that will have much anticipated specs such as 6 GB of RAM, a top of the line processor and a slightly bigger screen at 5.8 inches.

Thus making it a one hell of a VR setup that could possibly give competition to the dedicated VR gadgets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

By adding this port, Samsung has virtually made the Gear VR future proof. USB type C is believed to be relevant for at least 10 years from now and maybe Samsung could make it compatible with non-Samsung phones since it seems so ambitious with its virtual reality plans.

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