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A developer Is Touring the Entire Britain in Virtual World

screen-shot-2016-08-09-at-11-53-38That is the beauty of technology. It enables people to do crazy things which in other world are normal chores. A British man is using the Gear VR along with his CrossFit cycle to travel the entire Great Britain in the virtual world but in the physical world, he won’t be leaving his bedroom.

The entire idea was formed when Aaron Puzey was cycling for fitness. But the music in his ears or tv before his eyes were not very encouraging. So he developed an app for the Gear VR that allowed him to travel the entire Britain. It creates a 360-degree world for the virtual rider to travel.

He also developed the Bluetooth cadence sensor and a cross-trainer cycle setup that sends data to the app so that the virtual rider moves through the natural scenery while the actual rider pedals in the real world. The sensor can even measure how fast the pedal is being moved and the virtual rider moves at a faster pace if the pedals move faster giving a sense of feeling to the rider that he is actually cycling in a real natural world.

The developer aims to travel from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland.

He has been traveling since may and he just reached north of Manchester. He rides every day for half an hour and describes his experience and also comments on the setup and the scenery. He mentioned that this experience has actually encouraged him to exercise every day.

We agree that the experience cannot replace the actual real world cycling but this is better than the boring old stationary cycling session in a closed room.