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Gear S3 Smartwatch Is Coming

gsmarena_001The Gear S2 is a beautiful watch with an intuitive rotating bezel for navigating the user interface. The smartwatch was so loved that it enabled Samsung in selling a record-breaking number of units for the past 3 quarters giving the likes of Apple watch a hard time. But Samsung isn’t sitting on the laurels. It is preparing the next iteration of the smartwatch and it will naturally be called as Gear S3. This smartwatch, like its predecessors, will be powered by Tizen and will add a host of new features and sensors.

According to trademark filing by Samsung, the Gear S3 smartwatch will come in 3 flavors.

There is a Classic Edition, Explorer Edition, and Frontier Edition. The S2 came in a regular and classic edition.

Not much is known about them but the Explorer Edition is tipped to have the similar rotating bezel. But it also will house buttons at the 2,4 and 10’o clock position. The classic will remain similar to the S2 classic but with upgraded internals and extra leather band options.

All the real changes will be seen in the Frontier Edition. Apart from a physical overhaul, the smartwatch will have added sensors such as an altimeter, speedometer, and barometer that will appeal to athletes and will record a host of physical parameters. There will also be support for adding bands that belong to normal wrist watches.

The pricing is expected to start at $300 and these smartwatches will be announced at the IFA 2016 in the month of September.