Fitness tracker are the latest craze in the health world and almost every known manufacturer or a tech giant wants a piece of that pie. Nike has the fuelband while the apple watch has the ability to track fitness parameters such as number of steps and heartrate. Microsoft has gone a step further and added the barometer that can even track the elevation. This is useful in counting the number of steps that you have climbed in a day.

Although not much success is attributed to these giants, the real winner of fitness tracker device seems to be the small companies such as Fitbit and xaomi. These companies make low cost devices such as the Fitbit jawbone or the mi band at an impossible price tag of $15. Samsung now wants to dominate this category of the market and it is tapping into its own vast arsenal of resources to produce a low cost device that is rumoured to be priced at $16 or around that number.unnamed

The intention is to produce a device that is affordable and not to produce a fitness tracker that is barely functional. Make no mistake, the device which is accompanied with a model number SM-R150 resembles the gear fit too closely and we suspect the device will too.

It is still unclear what kind of sensors will be fitted into the device. but Samsung’s aim here is to capture as many fitness enthusiasts as possible and this device won’t be limited to the Samsung smartphones. Samsung has the s-health apps that shows your fitness goals and results. Since this device will be available to work with the non-Samsung android phones, the Korean conglomerate is expected to release a specialized app on the lines of s-health for android.

This is one device that could sell well in countries such as India and china where people are cost conscious. I suspect Samsung will make the device slightly less functional, it does not want this fitness tracker to cannibalize the sales of high-end fitness trackers from its own catalogue.