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Galaxy S7 Rear Glass Cracked – How to Repair It

samsung-s7-cracked-broken-6654-001Imagine that you drop your brand new Galaxy S7 accidentally. Hits the ground hard and lands on its back. You might think “that was close, it didn’t drop on the screen”. Then when you pick it up you realize that the rear glass has cracked.

– Okay let’s stay on just imagined things. It would be pretty bad if it really happens.

But let’s say that you are a tinkerer and take on the challenge to change it yourself. Let’s see what needs to be done!

First and most important you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. For this you will have to get:

  • Heat gun or a hair dryer
  • Suction cups
  • Tweezers
  • Guitar picks or small plastic prying tool

Before we begin, make sure that your device is powered off completely and nothing is connected to it. We will be uncovering the hardware of the device and we don’t want to accidentally short circuit anything if we touch it!

Step 1

Use the heat gun to heat up the back cover. Make sure you cover all edges in order to loosen the adhesive that is around the cover. You can heat the bottom side repeatedly since that will be our starting point.
If you use a hair dryer this will take a little longer.

Step 2

Once the cover is nice and worm the adhesive will start to loosen its grip. Now you need to take the suction cups and stick one on each side (front and rear). Just make sure that they are on the bottom of the phone. Once secured you can pull just enough so that you can squeeze through a guitar pick. Once you insert the pick, leave it there so it the cover won’t be able to close again.

Step 3

Get another pick and insert it next to the first one. Then you will slowly and carefully slide the pick around the phone in order to cut the adhesive. To make it a little easier, you can use one pick for each side. Once the adhesive of all sides is cut, you can gently lift the whole rear cover off.

Optional Step

If the camera lens is cracked, now is a good time to replace that too. Just like the cover, you heat up the lens and gently pry the adhesive with the tweezers.

Note – The new camera lens doesn’t come with new adhesive. You can get a separate rear cover adhesive and cut it to length for the lens. There is no difference.

Step 4

This step is all about cleaning. When you remove the rear cover, there will be adhesive residue left on the frame. Gently clean the whole frame so to prepare it for the new cover.

Step 5

If you replaced the camera lens, place it on the cover now. Then place the whole cover on the phone.

Step 6

Slowly and gently rub all edges so the adhesive will stick properly and evenly everywhere.

Step 7

Peel of the protective film and enjoy.

Galaxy S7 Rear Glass Repair Video Guide