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Enable Fingerprint, Face and Iris Recognition

With the new Galaxy S8, you’re going to want to make sure you’re the only one who can access it. On the Galaxy S8, not only you can you register your fingerprint using the sensor on the back, you can also register your face and iris for three different biometric security options. You can’t use iris scanning and facial recognition at the same time. Do not worry, there is a catch! You can use one of them together with the fingerprint security option.

fingerprint, face and iris recognition

Go to Settings and look for Lock screen and security, then tap on the option that says “Fingerprint scanner”. Next, you need to do is to touch the fingerprint sensor with the finger that you want to use. Do that multiple times. Use various positions until you reach 100 percent.

To enable face recognition, select Face Recognition and register your face by using the front camera to position your face inside the highlighted area.

To enable iris security, select the option that says “iris scanner,” hold the device 10 to 14 inches away from your eyes. After that, use the front camera to position your eyes in the highlighted section of the screen. This process is best done when you are in a well-lit area without wearing glasses.

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