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Galaxy S6 Problems and Issues

Root Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

It’s only been 2 months that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was introduced into the market but the device has already started to provide some problems to its users.

Even though the smartphone is being termed as the best Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung it has many problems.

Users of the device have started to complain about many problems such as dropped calls, camera problem, battery life and much more.

Camera and Sensor Problem

Many users have reported that they are facing a problem with the Galaxy S6’s camera. The devices flash remains lit even when one is not using the smartphone and this drains the battery.

Some users are even facing problems with the focus of the camera. So what users should do is that they should get a factory rest if they want the flash problem to be gone.

For this users have to navigate to Settings and then to Backup and reset. Next users will select Factory Data Reset and then Rest Device.

Apart from this many users have reported seeing a purple speck that appears in their pictures that are taken by the devices front facing camera.

This issue according to some is due to a defect in the camera sensor which needs to be replaced.

Dropped Calls

Many users have also reported a problem of dropped calls on their Samsung Galaxy S6 devices. Users stated that their callers tell them that their voice fades away while speaking to them.


There is even a problem of messaging in this Samsung device and users are very irritated.

A user stated that his text messages would only be available for a few moments and then delete themselves.

The user stated that he even took his device to the carrier and even the carrier had no solution for it.

RAM and App Killing

Well as if the problems were few another problem is that of the device’s RAM. Many users have reported that their Galaxy S6 device kills app when in use.

Users are quite irritated with this bit there seems to be no solution to this problem of theirs.

Solutions for these problems

Well carriers are now sending out bug fixes and with these bug fixes can be solved but if you can’t wait for these bug fixes then there are other solutions as well.

Carriers such as Vodafone and Telstra have confirmed the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop updates for their versions of the Galaxy S6.

Moreover there are going to be Maintenance Release updates that will help the users get rid of their Galaxy S6 problems.

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