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Samsung to Make Windows Laptop with Phablet Dock


It seems that pretty soon Samsung’s phablets will be able to work like full sized computers once they are docked into a laptop like shell being developed by the Korean electronics giant.

A patent for a phablet dock sought by Samsung before the US Patent and Trademark Office recently has shown that the dock can let the Android based phablet to run Windows in laptop mode.

With this patent a phablet like the Galaxy Note which runs Android can switch to Window once it is connected to the laptop like dock.

This new patent by Samsung may challenge Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Sources state that by joining the Galaxy smartphone or Note phablet with a notebook shell Samsung has created a tool that will interest the enterprise as this future smartphone will run Android and Windows.

Apart from this it has also been revealed that Samsung worked with Blackberry in order to give a kick to its Knox platform.

Plus the Windows platform and Office apps now with their Mobile-First/ Cloud-First platform combined with Samsung’s popular hardware in this new form factor could prove to be a winning force in the market.

However it is still unclear as to when this new device by Samsung will hit the store shelves. It also said that the South Korean giant had filed its US patent application back in the third quarter 0f 2014.

Apart from this according to sources the patent is not at all clear about the new notebook’s battery or ports.

However according to the sources one thing is clear and that is that this new device without the traditional CPU would be much lighter and slimmer.

The idea about this new device by Samsung is being related to the iPad as many people believe that the idea is to challenge the iPad in a new form factor that many consumers would prefer with a built in keyboard.