Galaxy S6 Black Screen

Sometimes, it might happen with your Galaxy S6 that it won’t turn on, or maybe the blue light will be flashing but the screen won’t work, or the phone might be working but not the screen.

This usually happens due to one of two things:

  • The screen of your Galaxy S6 is defective, or
  • There might be a software problem.

Usually it’s the second kind of problem which affects the users, i.e. there might be a software problem which is messing up your S6.

Here are a few troubleshooting techniques you can try in order to solve the issue yourselves.

Galaxy S6 Black Screen Solutions

Fix 1

First of all, you have to locate the volume up button located on the left side of your S6, the power button of your S6, located at the right side, and the home button, which is located at the bottom of your screen.

Then you have to press all these three buttons together. Press and hold the above three buttons for, like 15 seconds until an android guy comes up with the message, ‘Installing System Update…’

Now, wait until the menu comes and once it shows up, select the ‘reboot system now’ option, by pressing the power button to select that option.

Galaxy S6 Black Screen Fix 1

Fix 2

If the system reboots and the display shows up, then great; but if not then we might have to delete the cache of the phone.

For that, we have to again press the volume up, home and power buttons until the message shows up. After that, use the volume down button to go to the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ option and press the power button to select it.

Galaxy S6 Black Screen Fix 2

Once that is done, select the ‘Reboot System Now’ option to reboot the system. Remember- Do take caution while selecting the option. If you select on the ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option even by mistake, your all data will get erased.

If the rebooting completes successfully, and your display shows up, then congratulations!

You’ve managed to mend the problem yourself! But if not, then there’s one final thing you can try before you send your phone for repair.

Fix 3

Press the volume up button this time, along with the home and power buttons, instead of the volume down button you used to press.

A blue colored screen will show up, with a warning message.

It’ll have three options. You have to press the volume down button to restart the phone from there.

DO NOT press any other button, even by mistake. If the screen shows up now, then awesome! But if not, I’m afraid there is some hardware problem with the phone, and you might want to get it checked out.

Galaxy S6 Black Screen Fix 3

Check the video for Galaxy S6 black screen issue fix

  • jesllee

    I woke up this morning to a blue light flashing (usually means an email). Tried to check it and…black screen. Then I noticed none of my alarms went off. I tried your steps and no matter how long I hold the buttons, no android guy or screen shows up. Any idea what I should do? My phone isn’t under warranty and it’s not even paid off yet. :/

    • Amanda

      I had the exact same problem this morning. Fix number 3 worked for me. Make sure you are holding the volume DOWN, power button, and home button simultaneously.

      • jesllee

        I tried all combinations. Nothing worked for me. I took it to the Verizon store which was in an “open enrollment” period for device protection. They let me sign up and sent me a new phone.

        • ramesh desai

          same problem wit me so wat did u do to fix ur problem?

    • Kimberly McCallister

      My daughter’s phone is the same way. I chatted with Samsung online and none of these options got her phone going again. The advised we will need to swap out her phone. We have only had it for a few months.

  • Amanda

    Thank-you Animesh for the fixes. However, I still don’t understand what caused my phone to malfunction like it did. Fix number 3 worked for me, so how can I prevent this all from happening again?

  • Gloria Esquivel

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, MY PHONE had the green light on and black screen, i followed your Fix #3 and I’m up and running again. i too would like to know why this happened in the first place and how i prevent it from happening again. God Bless you for the fixes.

  • Peter Jones (TigerWorks)

    THANK TOU GUYZ n GALZ @ SAMSUNGRUMOURS…galaxy s6 duos… i did just a simple restart (gotta do this often with this retrard of a phone) … this time it did not re-strart, just black screen and the light fading blue/purple…
    as you suggested, i pressed volume up & down & power combo, around 10 seconds… and it continued with the restart as if nothing had happened…
    thank you again samsungrumours,
    AND… samsung, in case you’re watching this, the $750 piece of crap that you sold me has one headfuck almost every day. You should re-name your brand to FRISBEE… and with the s7note, BOOMERANG would be a good name … pmsl

  • Henry

    Im having a problem with my Samsung S6.
    It won’t boot up to it’s main screen. It just boots and is loading and showing the Samsung Logo while the blue LED on top of the blink.
    It’s the software problem i’m sure. But everything listed here didn’t work. Please help me.

  • Isabelle

    Hello! Please help! My Samsung s6 edge just decided to go grey and the front light is bright but it won’t turn on. Have tried all the holding volume and other buttons down for 15 sec but it just lights up grey and white lines on and off!!! So annoying I literally used it an hour ago. Any ideas?!!!

  • Jennifer

    Hello guys thank you SO MUCH. You’ve helped me fixed my brand new S6 phone using fix 1. It got it wet after spilling a glass of water over. the screen started flickering and lines appearing and jumping around the screen then it turned orange / brown and went off. No picture at all. I dried it out with a hairdryer in all angles, the bottom the top and removed the sim slot and dryed with the hairdryer too both with hot and cold air at intervals.Still no joy.
    Went to sleep and the next morning the LED light was flashing and the buttons at the bottom were lighting up and responding when i touched them but the screen was still black. I tried FIX 1 on your site and my phone is perfect again!! thanks a million guys you really made my day 🙂

  • Joe

    Good afternoon, I followed all of these steps, and the best result I can get is the screen having quick flash of color ever few seconds then goes back to black. What else might I try?

    • Stephanie

      Hi there
      Did you manage to fix the problem with your phone as I’m having the same issue and the above hasn’t helped, just an occasional flash of light on an otherwise blank screen.

      • Quinn

        Hi I was also wondering if you ever fixed this issue because I am having the exact same problem and can’t seem to find anything or anyone that will help.

  • April

    I have tried every one of these steps and several other suggestions. Nothing has helped is my phone now just a brick?

  • soup

    i dropped my phone (samsung galaxy s6) in target it works, but the screen doesnt. there is a blue light but it doesnt show up. is there any way for me to fix before i buy a new one?

  • Ashwinii Saloor

    Thank you so much! Option 3 helped to resolve my problem..

  • Raphael

    Non of these options worked for me. But what worked was placing my phone in a bag of rice overnight. It turns out that the humidity had created a buildup of moisture inside the phone so drying it out caused to to return to normal.

  • Gemma

    Hi my screen is black but have a bar at the top which comes and goes flashing, what could I do to fix this?

  • Lynne Sterba

    hi thank you it worked!! awesome. hope it lasts!!

  • Johan

    I tried the step above without any luck. Blinking blue light, but I could not reboot, even with the phone connected to a power outlet.

    My last ditch effort worked though. Instead of having the phone charging with USB cable (after trying without), I put it on the wireless charger I use at night. Repeated the Power+Home+Volume Up and the Warning Screen about installing a custom OS showed up right away. My phone restarted and has been working normally since.

    If all attempts fail, try the above with the wireless charger if you have one, you never know…

  • Jocelyn

    Thanks Fix #3 solved the following issue.
    Blue LED on solid, the word SAMSUNG fading in and out on the display.
    This is the first time I see this issue and I updated to Android 7 a few days ago.

    • Boitumelo

      does it wipe the whole phone?

  • DaniteBro

    mine will not respond to any maneuvering described here—- i’m about ready to exercise option SH— SledgeHammer— anyone???

  • D. Tapscott

    Forget all of this. Just replicate the battery removal and replace with VOLUME DOWN + POWER

    • Felicia Britt

      Thanks! That is the only one that worked for me! You are awesomeness!

  • Arly Picket

    #3 worked for me. Thank you very much

  • crumb007

    Funny how the author states to use volume ‘up’ for all three examples but in number three states to use volume up instead of volume down???

  • 6013

    None of these are working on my s6.. any other options?

  • 6013

    None of these are working on my Samsung s6.. any other options?

    • Sheena Brent

      Instead of pressing up button press the own button when pressing 3 at the same time then follow the instructions

  • Khwezi Mayisela

    I have tried everything and nothing works, any other options?

    • Tammy Santellana

      I finally got it to work with holding volume down button,power button and home button all at same time. I got blue screen.(let go of all 3 buttons) Then press volume down button. It restarted fine.

  • nikki page

    i used home button volume down button and on button i didnt have to update or loose anything it just worked

  • james

    i have a Samsung galaxy s6 which I have recently changed the battery due to the old one swelling. all I get on the phone is a pulsing blue light and black screen. I have tried the volume buttons ect with no success. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!1

  • Denise

    None of these options worked for me. Taking the phone back to Sprint since it is a lease phone.