galaxy s5 unlock free

You bought a shiny new Galaxy S5 and for your surprise the phone is region locked and now you want to unlock it to use the phone in your carrier of choice or in a different country.

There are many ways to do it, some techniques suggests you to pay for an unlock code and some to root your phone. But the trick we are providing here is straight forward and you do not need to pay anything. This is a simple trick to unlock Galaxy S5 region lock.

There is a code going around that will allow you to unlock your device free of charge, which then allows you to take your phone and use it with a different carrier. So get a SIM card that is not your own and then check out the steps below.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Insert the foreign SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy S5.
  2. Turn your handset off and back on again.
  3. On the dialpad on your phone, type in *#197328640#.
  4. Then select [1] UMTS > [1] Debug Screen > [8] Phone Control > [6] Network Lock > Options [3] Perso SHA256 OFF.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds or so before returning to your main menu by choosing back.
  6. In the main menu, you should see a “Network Lock” message, now choose [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

If all has gone well your handset will now be unlocked and you can move it to the carrier of your choice. You could even send the device overseas to relatives or friends. The code could work with many different Samsung devices so try it out.

  • Does not work on Sprint USA network!

    • antel

      Sprint doesn’t even have a Sim card fool

      • True Living Organics

        Yes it does fool

      • Michael Crockett

        Sprint does have phones with sim cards fool im holding one now

        • juan

          that sim card is only for the 4g lte network. sprint is a cdma network phone not a gsm lol.

          • Michael Crockett

            Juan i dont know if u cant read or whats up. The point is that some sprint phones have sim card. I work for sprint and also have a S5 that has a sim card without it the sprint network does not work period

          • Darrell Darrell

            No kidding tardo but it has the gsm bands that all us and international carriers use. I am using a sprint s5 on att right now.

          • Brad Francisco

            Can I ask how you unlocked it for domestic please? I’m trying to do the same but on tmobile without much luck… I already sim unlocked and region unlocked but it still says my tmobile sim is invalid ???

          • Keto Evans

            I can unlock domestic.

          • HOW?

          • Keto Evans


          • Sandra Cornett

            Hello I need 2 phones unlocked at&t devices. Can you help? I will pay you

          • Sean Belew

            The Sprint Moto X works on T Mobile. You have to reprogram the firmware using an nv items reader/writer program. While this works on the Moto X, if you are using another sprint phone, if it is capable, it will have it’s own unique procedure to unlock it. I followed the instructions from the xda developers website, which is far more reputable than this pathetic website, and have been using it on T Mobile for over 8 months now, with 4G LTE fully functioning and full voice service. Try telling developers that no Sprint phone will work with a GSM carrier. It is you who will look foolish.

        • maxtek

          don’t you just love them retards who think they have a built in crystal ball so they can see everything except what configuration your phone has lol, i get people that hear one recognizable word you say and suddenly they are the expert on what your dealing with and everything your saying is wrong even though your the one negotiating the situation. oh no sprint has no sim card lol Sprint SIMGLW106R Sim card Brand new 2FF 4G
          $6.99 Buy It Now) here is proof you are the correct person here.

  • Chris

    Will try tomorrow on an AT&T GS5 with a T-Mobile SIM and will post an update here. If anyone else tries it sooner with an AT&T please let us know how it goes.

    • James Wilson

      Tutorial above is not working for me, but surprisingly
      got my phone unlocked for free. Glad I didn’t have to pay moneyfor it.
      I’m just giving actual advice to everyone. Don’tpay, get it for free!”

    • James Wilson

      Tutorial above is not working for me, but surprisingly
      cphoneunlocker. com got my phone unlocked for free. Glad I didn’t have to pay moneyfor it.
      I’m just giving actual advice to everyone. Don’tpay, get it for free!”

      • K-Quast

        you spam every frigging website Ive been to with the exact same comment under different names

        • Laura Lopin

          I don’t think so! it’s just a FreeAndroid movement that support phone freedom! which wyh they unlocking android phone for free

      • Corey

        A do you know a free website for iPhone 5s

      • Sarah

        This is a scam site. They get your info and then make you sign up for stuff and never give you the code.

    • This appears to be a 2 year old post.
      What did you find out?

  • Oscar

    Does not work on at&t s5, there is no UMTS option.

    • Chris

      Thanks Oscar..

    • Nitya Rajan

      I had the same problem with my ATT galaxy s5. The options suggested here were not on my phone

    • Giovanni

      Does it work with Verizon S5?

      • Jose Martins

        Verizon S5’s come factory unlocked

        • Oscar Ruelas

          does that mean that the straight talk galaxy S5 (which is a verizon variant) comes unlocked as well?

        • Gambino Cobain

          Giovanni, is that true? How can you tell? I’m in another country and I didn’t do my research before coming here…

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  • Nkhater

    It doesn’t work on T-Mobile S5, this has been fix by Samsung years ago., useless

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  • joe

    What is a foreign SIM card

    • antel

      Any Sim card that is not from your carrier

  • Elias Khaled

    Does not show that menu when i put the code on fido canada

  • Isaac Mares

    Tried many times on at&t samsung galaxy s5 but doesn’t work as there is no umts menu option, finally left out and use the codes to unlock my device and simply unlocked. however i got my code from

  • Larry Pelky

    Doesn’t work on t-mobile galaxy s5 and no UMTS menu prompted after entering the secret number. better tried googling, found and utilized service of a third party site and managed to get it unlocked.

    • Lior Degani

      Thank you so much It works!

  • Arisa Beus

    need help quickly. I have a verizon gs5 trying to unlock for tmobile use. it says phone activation and this sim card is from an unknown source. I can recieve texts and make calls sometimes. I cant recieve calls or use the internet without being on wifi. please help.

    • Keto Evans

      just change network settings from global to gsm.

  • artpec

    when I type the code of the 3rd step, it says mobile network not avaiable. What is the problem?

  • Cory

    These instructions only work for a North American factory Galaxy SIII (i9000) running stock firmware (pre 4.1). Samsung patched this later on.

  • Mahendra Patel

    Does not work on s5 locked to Vodafone with EE sim

    • Keto Evans

      you still need help unlocking?

      • shannon

        I need help with mine

        • Keto Evans

          contact me on skype “ketoevans”

          • Oscar Ruelas

            what about the straight talk galaxy s5 can that be unlocked?

          • Keto Evans

            whats the model and android version?

          • Oscar Ruelas

            model number SM-S902L android version 4.4.2

          • Keto Evans

            currently not supported but word of advice keep it at that current android version.

          • Sarah

            Why? I have same model. Is it still not supported?

      • Rod Roj

        Hi keto, do you think you can help me unlock a Galaxy S5?? let me know

        • Keto Evans

          sure whats your model and android version?

          • Rod Roj

            SM-G900A android version 4.4.2

          • Keto Evans

            ok add me on skype “ketoevans” i can unlock it instantly but as you have already tried the free method doesn’t work on your model so i charge $15 for my service 100% guaranteed.

          • Rod Roj

            No problem, see you on Skype

          • Rod Roj

            Just to know what method do you use to get the $15.00

          • Rod Roj

            Just to know what method do you use to get the $15.00??

          • Keto Evans

            sorry for the late reply the method i’ll be using is a direct unlock remotely.

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  • courtney

    Does not even work with Samsung Galaxy s5 att. no UTMS menu at all -___-

    • Erlan

      I wish you can Help me with my S5 2…

      • Keto Evans

        What’s your model number?

        • Moody

          Can you help unlock my s5

          • Keto Evans

            add me.

          • Amber Black

            Hello need help with my s5 att

          • Keto Evans

            Add me on Skype ketoevans

          • Keto Evans

            Where can I contact you?

        • John Bowen

          Smg870a need help

          • Keto Evans

            i can unlock but your model not for free and version has to be be 4.4.2 or .4.4.4 not higher.

          • Keto Evans

            add me on skype “ketoevans”

          • John Bowen

            I sent Skype invite

          • Keto Evans

            Dont see one send again I’m online now.

  • reik

    No. Aparese. Umts. Menu. En. S5. At@t. Podra. Liberar. Para. Cualquier compaňia. Chris

  • Helpful

    These are old instructions, for a Galaxy S3 I747. They won’t work for an S3 either, unless it is running Android version 4.1.1

  • Bono

    doesnt work

  • Cyrus Sawyer

    Hi everyone
    I have a samsung galaxy s5 and i did a hard rest on it and now it wants me to put the user id and password of the guy who was the first owner. I don’t have this information and I ask everyone of you to help me to unlock this device

  • Moody

    I have a S5 locked onto the metro pcs network, can someone tell me how to unlock it? When i follow the instructions above i dont see the [8] phone controls but under the SIM information it says unblocked? Can someone help me please

    • Keto Evans

      Whats the model?

      • Matt Lemieux

        Hi keto I have a att galaxy s5 900a and want to unlock it from att so I can sell it, can u unlock it for me?

        • Keto Evans

          Contact me on skype “ketoevans”

          • Matt Lemieux

            I can’t log into my Skype for some reason is there another way to do this?

          • Matt Lemieux

            Messaged u on skype

          • Keto Evans

            Try facebook Keto Evans

          • Matt Lemieux

            I got on and sent u a message

          • Keto Evans

            sorry but dont see any new messages.

          • Matt Lemieux

            Sent it again

          • Matt Lemieux

            Don’t have my phone on me can we do this tom evening?

  • Raul Varela

    Hi there i have a samsung Galaxy S5 SM 900M and just unlock it with the guy replying, Keto Evans, was fast, and at a very low price. Totally recommend..

  • Jodie Nawrocki

    S5 sm-G900P need help its locked to sprint

    • Keto Evans

      I can unlock just hit me up.

  • Jennifer

    need help unlocking it I cant find UMTS option

    • Keto Evans

      whats your model and android version? this method only works on a few models on a certain android version.

  • Lane Baker

    My galaxy s5 by attending doesn’t have those options what do I do

    • Keto Evans

      contact me.

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  • Steph Lila Longmire

    when i type the code in it doesn’t do anything.

    • Keto Evans

      hit me up i might be able to help.

  • Billie Rae Hipp Diaz

    didnt work on sprint s5

    • Keto Evans

      Sprint has to be unlocked domesticly for it to work in the states.

  • Eliza Anderson

    @ke@ketoevans:disqus please help me I am not sure but need to find a way to unlock a Galaxy S6 on bell to use with telus

    • Keto Evans

      add me on skype or facebook “ketoevans” Keto Evans

  • Bruno Finger

    Doesn’t work on Orange Poland.

    • Keto Evans

      whats your model number and android version maybe i can help.

  • Kim Young

    I need help unlocking us cellular samsung galaxy s5 can anyone help please

    • Keto Evans

      whats the model number and android version Kim?

      • Kim Young

        Sm-G900R4 android version 5.0

        • Keto Evans

          I have one in hand now but still haven’t found an unlock for it but you can add me on skype or facebook i’ll be sure to inform you as soon as i get one. Skype: ketoevans FB: Keto Evans

      • How do you find what version you have?
        I got the 900a model, not sure about version.
        Thanks, I’m going to add you on fb.

  • Kim Young

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 with us cellular can someone please tell me how to unlock it

  • Kim Young

    Ok add me kim young Facebook

  • Lisa E. James

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 on Sprint network with a SIM card. Can I unlock it for free? I know there is a method but does it work?

    • keli oatman

      I have the same problem. Need to unlock from sprint

  • martin salsa

    can u unlock a samsung s5 model sm-g900a android version 4.2.2 locked to at&t?

    • Keto Evans

      yes i can unlock.

  • cthehodge

    Hi! Can you unlock my galaxy s5 from sprint as well? I just tried to add you on skype. Thank you.

  • O is there anyway to unlock a cell phone or not?
    I bought this one from a couple that said it could be unlocked.
    I went to at&t and they wouldn’t give me info on the phone. I contacted her about it, and she repeated that her bill wasn’t owed on, and she is no longer with at&t. She bought an s6, and sold me the s5. I’m just trying to get a usable phone.