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Samsung Galaxy A8 Passes Through FCC


The Galaxy A8 by Samsung has been in the works over the past weeks. Recently, we have come to know that the Galaxy A8 has been gone through the development phases, and is going through testing phase, currently.

Recently, a hands-on video review of the Galaxy A8 was also leaked over the internet. Thus, it has been confirmed that the Galaxy A8 will be released, very soon.

We had also been reported that Samsung is trying to acquire hardware certifications for this device, on priority basis.

Lately, the device has also showed up at the Federal Communications Center for the approval of the device.

This shows that the Galaxy A8 will be launched very soon, in the upcoming days. The Galaxy A8 is the thinnest smartphone by Samsung, packed with a lot of features at a mid-range price.

The appearance of the Galaxy A8 at the FCC shows that the device will be released very soon.