Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus price more expensive than previously rumored

More news coming for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, even though their unveil date comes closer and closer every day. The news are not very good this time, as it comes in question the price of the devices. We mentioned before the possible prices for the devices, but this time we have another report saying that it will be even more expensive.

As we thought before, the devices should be priced at €799 and €899 respectively. The prices are even very high at this point, and now, we hear that they will be even more expensive. Still though, what is looking pretty bright is that maybe some of the countries will have more expensive price of the device. The price will have variations on many countries worldwide.

In Italy for example, the price for the Galaxy S8 should be €829, while the Galaxy S8 Plus should be €929. The color availability for them will be Black, Silver and Orchid Gray. The S8 duo will be also officially available for purchase on April 21.