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Samsung Printers Can Now Order a Refill Cartridge On Their Own

laser PrintersAmazon introduced a special service called as the Amazon dash replenishment service earlier this year which allowed its user to order refill units such as ink cartridge, detergent and pet food with one click of a button on these devices. Now amazon intends to eliminate even this button and allow the device to order replenishments on its own. Included in this service are the Samsung printers.

But how does this service work?

Well, consider that you are in an office printing tons of photocopies from the Samsung printers. When the ink in the cartridge runs low, the Samsung printers senses that and orders the refill cartridge an amazon without your effort. For this program to work, the devices need to be internet enabled. Before you run out of ink completely, amazon will deliver the refill cartridge for the Samsung printers.


previously you had to press this button, but not anymore.

But this service is not only restricted to Samsung printers, a compatible washing machine can order a spare box of detergent when things get low after a wash. Obe’s Pro Bowl will measure the amount of food your dog has consumed in a day and calculate the remaining amount available. If it hits a pre-set low level, the device will send an order for a spare bag of dog food to amazon.

Amazon is leading the way it serves the consumers and with the new program, it is sure to dig its nails deeper into the pockets of consumers who usually shop for these items in a brick and mortar stores.

The dash replenishment services works in ordering a toilet paper, pet food, water filters from amazon. The payment for these items are automatically made through the existing customer account. Partnering with amazon are various companies such as Samsung. Whirlpool general electric’s august, gmate, Oster, Brita and others to make your life a bit easy.