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LG Goes Samsung’s Way, Launches V10 Phone That Is Similar to S6 Edge+


LG is one of the rare android manufactures that is seeing growth in its android smartphone segment while all the other manufacturers are suffering from a decline in smartphone shipments as well as profits.

To spice things up, LG has introduced a new smartphone v10 in its line-up, that is similar to the Samsung’s own s6 edge+.it a phablet. What’s so special about this phone is that it has a secondary screen similar to the edge screen on s6 edge+. But this screen is a flat one and lies above the main 5.7-inch display. This screen will be always on and will display the time and text messages. It can even show the email ticker and will house controls buttons when watching a movie. You can also customize this second screen to show your favourite apps and contacts all the time. While in the camera app, this screen will showcase various camera modes such as panoramic mode, slo-mo, burst mode.


lg-v10-att LG-V10-AH-23

The other selling point of this phone is that it has dual front facing cameras. Yes, the world’s first phone dual front facing camera is the LG V10. Both are of 5 megapixels. One camera takes the traditional selfies and the other camera houses a wide angle lens that will be useful in taking grouphies.

LG is hoping that apart from its G series of phones, the V10 phone will be able to kick start a new line of phones that will be of premium segment. It is unclear which group this series of phone will be able to target that the G series has not been able to do.

This is a top of the line smartphone with metal sides and a removable textured back that covers the removable battery and the expandable SD card slot.

The v10 will retail for $700 and will be available on October 8th.

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