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Galaxy S5 Android L (Lollipop) Update Coming in December?

Galaxy S5 Android L Update
Galaxy S5 Lollipop update is coming earlier than expected and reports are coming out that Samsung will push the new Android cookies update as early as December. This is incredible news for all those who wants to try the biggest Android update after Android 4.0.

Samsung does not have a great reputation when it comes to update their existing smartphones and tablets. If this new report is true, then, Samsung is changing its way of working. Also, we are bit surprise that Samsung chooses Galaxy S5 to update first instead of Note 4 though Galaxy Note 4 is the latest flagship device.

This update will be more likely for the unlocked Galaxy S5 variants and not for those who subscribed the phone or bought the phone from certain carriers. Those have to wait some more time to get the update as carries generally do extensive testing before releasing new updates.

Android Lollipop is a big upgrade over KitKat and there will be tons of new features including lock-screen notifications, multi-user support for phones, support for 64-bit processor, file sharing through Android Beam. We also hope that Samsung will modify TouchWiz interface a lot to adopt the new Android L changes.

We earlier shared a test build of Android Lollipop for Galaxy S5. If you are brave enough and wants to give the software a try on your Galaxy S5 check out here.