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How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has Safe Mode to find out problems with your phone. Many times your phone become unresponsive and become slow because of no reason.

To diagnose the problem, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a feature called Safe Mode. When the phone is in this mode, it will return to its default settings. So you can check if third party apps is creating the problem.

If your phone performs better and you do not find the issue when in Safe Mode than you have to uninstall recently installed apps. One of these third-party apps may have some compatibility issue or not tested with your Galaxy Note 4.

Follow these steps to enter Safe Mode.

  • When your phone is power off press the Power Button. When you see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 releases the button.
  • While the logo is still on the screen, press the Volume down button. After some time you will Safe Mode appears on the lower left corner of the screen. Now you are in Safe Mode.

To exit Safe Mode, either restart Galaxy Note 4 or just select Exit Safe Mode after pressing Power Button.

Here is a simple video, which shows the whole procedure.

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