SVACE Technology comes to Tizen

    Samsung are hard at work, optimizing and implementing different things into Tizen. The newest addition is SVACE Technology (Security Vulnerabilities and Critical Errors Detector), developed by ISP RAS. It is meant to detect potential vulnerabilities and errors that might exist in the code of applications which are created for the Tizen Operating System.

    This information was published by the director of ISP RAS Arutyun Avestyan and the general director for technology and information services at Samsung Electronics Russia – Marat Guriev. According to them, Samsung have spent almost $10 million in the technology. Currently Samsung is into an agreement with ISP RAS for the SVACE. ISP RAS want to keep full rights of SVACE and Samsung will have free use of it, as its founder.

    This software will be used as part of the Tizen Statistic Analyzer Tool which is included in the Tizen SDK and Studio. Basically, this tool will be able to perform Static security analysis of the Tizen apps native source code and discover issues such as Null Pointers, Memory Leaks, Division by Zero and Double Free…

    On paper, the technology can dramatically reduce the number of errors in the code that open vulnerabilities which can be exploited by a potential hacker. Test applications that have been analyzed with this method are found to be more stable, secure and suffer less from memory leaks.

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