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Samsung could build a super OLED factory

Samsung could build a super OLED factorySamsung sits as the largest OLED manufacturer in the world right now. In a rumor, we heard that they have plans to expand their factory to a larger super OLED factory. That means that they are planning to build a brand-new production facility. With the new facility, they will increase the production capacity of their A3 plant in China by 30%. The plant could be also named as A5, and its position might be placed in Korea.

Samsung’s board of directors will organize a meeting during next month to determine the final investment plant for their plan. If they conclude that the production of a new super OLED factory will be realized, it will take another 6 months to actually happen. So, if it is true, the super OLED factory will be coming somewhere in 2019.

Also, the investment could cost up to KRW 16 trillion for only the equipment for the factory. They also have plan to invest further until 2021, and expand their factories even more. The goal is to start supplying OLED panels to apple, besides the huge expansion of even other factories.

Samsung’s future with the OLED panel, as the world leader in this category, want to make better quality panels with lower cost. With that, they want to bring this technology into every home, and please their customers. How much of that will turn out to be true, we will find out.