Samsung’s stretchable display leaked in video

Samsung has showed up their first-ever flexible display, and their new step to a future technology. The newest technology is based on new screens that don’t crack, but instead bend and stretch when force is expected upon them.

Today, a video has been leaked online from the stretchable screen. To be honest, not many of the users see this very satisfying, and we can agree with that. Not very much is explained of what the display is capable of nor any of other functionalities. Here is the video below:

What we can see from the video, is that the display has a 9.1-inch OLED screen which is getting pushed in the center. Also, unlike the other OLED/LCD displays, Samsung’s prototype can move in two directions.

We can say that this technology might be still few years away, but Samsung are trying to get it real as soon as possible.

Of course, there will be many that will support this video from Samsung. About their future plans, we still have time to see what will happen next now.