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How to Make Your Galaxy S8 Transparent

How to Make Your Galaxy S8 TransparentThe latest device from Samsung, the Galaxy S8 is already having big number of fans from all round the world. The device moved away from the shadow of the Galaxy Note 7, who made historical failure and cause huge losses for the company. The customization on the S8 and the design of it was something we’ve seen for the first time now. Most of the users see this device as their favorite.

The device was also shipped in three colors, and if you don’t like any of them, well, you can make your own look of the design. What we are talking is, that you can make your device look transparent, and to look like a Gameboy. If you are still asking yourself how to do it, or how should it looks like, we are going to give you full explanation and step by step tutorial on how you should do it. So, let’s get started.

The color of the Galaxy S8 is slightly different than the S6 and S7’s color. The coloring is not much of a sticker, instead, it is more of a coating on the back glass of the device. If you want to remove that color, you will have to scrape it, which is not very easy to do.

How to Make Your Galaxy S8 Transparent

Supplies you need:

Double Sided Tape: http://amzn.to/2s032KG
Heat Gun: http://amzn.to/2rx9iZU
Awesome Smart Phone Tool Kit: http://amzn.to/2sv852y
Green Pry tool: http://amzn.to/2sv7Hki
Metal phone opening tool: http://amzn.to/2skwmcl

So, the First Step on making a transparent Galaxy S8, begins with a removal of the back glass panel. The removal of the panel could be a little more challenging, and if you want to make it happen you will have to use a little more heat. Also, alongside the heat, you should have a thin metal pry tool and you should work slowly all the time, so you don’t cause damage on the panel itself.

Also, have in mind that all the warranty of your device is invalid after you open the back-glass panel. Think twice before attempting to do this in first hand.

Second step, after you take off the back glass panel, you move on to the removal of the camera and the fingerprint scanner. Again, be careful when you attempt to remove the camera and the scanner, because they can get easily damage. It is harder to do this on the S8, but is still doable.

In the third step, you finally get to remove the color, but even that won’t come out that easily. The color seems to be permanently coated, and it will not want to come out that easily. Scratching the color will also not going to help, rather it will only scratch the underside of the glass. So, what you should do, is to use some kind of an acid spray and spray the whole underside of the panel. Technically, the spray is an epoxy remover.

Fourth step starts with the removal of the lamination layer that was caused by the spray. Also, before you remove the lamination layer, scratch it with a razer blade a little bit, so some of the color can fall out easily at the beginning. The extra strength paint remover is making this step a little bit easier, because it loosened the laminated bond with the glass. After the laminated layer is completely taken off and it is totally cleared and looks like a clear glass, you are left with two options.

The First Option is to just put the glass panel back on the phone. You have a clear back glass panel which is completely colorless (transparent), and if you are satisfied with this, you can just put it back and enjoy your new look of your Galaxy S8. This will also leave the phone with full functionality and leave everything back in place.

The Second Option though, is a bit rougher. You can only choose this option if you want to go deeper into “clearing” the look of the device. So, the first step from the second option, is to take off the 14 screws which are on the back of the panel.

Then, if you want to view all the stuff from the inside of the device, you must remove the wireless charging first. If you take off the wireless charging, the device will still have full functionality, but it will just not be going to charge wirelessly anymore. Also, what also you can remove, is the loud speaker, or the headphone jack which will also not going to make big difference to the standard functionality of the device. You can also make a combination to keep the one side of the loud speaker, and remove the other, so you can make more space on the device.

Next, you can take off the sided tapes of the camera lens and the fingerprint sensor, and put them back on the back panel. With this step, taking it as a last, you can view the back side of your device. What you will see is a clear look of your components of the device.

To give it some final touch, you can use glass cleaner spray and clear the back panel easily, just to make it shine. With all of these steps finished, you will finally have your own transparent looking Galaxy S8.