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Samsung to gather strength with the 5G technology

Samsung to strengthen with the 5G technologyThe company sees the newest 5G mobile network technology as an opportunity for them to strengthen their position in the wireless infrastructure market in the US. In a recent interview, Samsung’s Vice President said that the company looks for a way to involve in this segment by helping it grow its business for a long term.

Samsung’s network in the US has been also growing alongside the 4G and LTE technology in the country. With that considered, it will be logical move from Samsung to start involving into the 5G technology in the country as well.

The technology is still not being produced, as there is enough time for Samsung to gather their minds. They will surely take notes of what the newest technology could bring, as they will definitely not be in their favor if their investment falls in water. Mr. Kim was also asking questions about the availability of the 3.5GHz CBRS handsets in the US. He didn’t share any concrete details on the matter, only noted that such devices could be produced in near future.

The original equipment manufacturer of the company had a major presence at the MWC earlier this month. They have also provided a broad range of new 5G technologies as well as solutions to provide to their clients. The company’s major announcement connected to the 5G technology may come early in the Q1 in 2018. It might also take place at the MWC 2018, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

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