Samsung could launch smart building IoT system

Samsung are about to unveil the Internet of Things, IoT system which will be used by the artificial intelligence to automate the management of buildings. The report comes from The Korea Herald, which also suggests that the IoT will automatically control the temperature and the lighting using the data obtained by the sensors in closed-circuit TV units.

We might have all predicted this many times already. The IoT system could be also turned on climate system ahead of the workers and can detect in real-time when someone is using some room. Also, by using the room, it can calculate the amount of power that will be cut off in the room. It can be also used to boost up the security features for better protection.

IoT will be mainly used on homes, but that as Samsung say, is about to change. As the company suggests, it can be also used on buildings and huge companies to increase their security and increase the scale of the market.