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Galaxy Note 9 to have in-display fingerprint sensor

Galaxy Note 9 to have in-display fingerprint sensorThe next year’s flagship device, Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to have a feature that was mentioned many times before, and a technology that is yet to be manufactured. The word is about the fingerprint sensor which could be placed inside the display of the device. Samsung are already working on this technology for some period now, and according to some rumors, the Galaxy Note 9 could be the first device to be presented with this technology.

The fingerprint placed inside the display will be even easier to use. You will just simply need to place your finger at a specific part of the screen. Samsung and Apple have already tried to ship this technology into their 2017 devices, but they didn’t make it in time seems so. Apple didn’t even introduce their iPhone X with any fingerprint sensor, which is questionable.

Samsung’s plans for 2018 will be totally focused on increasing their finances. Their AMOLED screens are being shipped to Apple, which are using it on their newest devices. Also, the Galaxy S8 this year made huge success and brought the company back to the top of the smartphone market bestseller. The company of course are not stopping here, they even announced that they are working on their next Galaxy device, the Galaxy S9, which is even rumored to be released at the earliest days of 2018. All of these information are still just a rumors, and we should only take them as a consideration.

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