Everyone knows that Tim cook is currently in India with an ambition of expanding Apple’s presence in the region. The Cupertino tech company has had a rare profit decline this quarter and the iPhone sales are slumping for the first time. Tim cook is looking towards India to revive the fortunes and is meeting top honchos in the corporate as well as political world to bring an inexpensive iPhone to the country.

But India is a country where Samsung is currently the king of the smartphone world and it is currently nervous about Tim cook’s intentions. The top leadership in the headquarters have formed a team that will update them about the people Tim cook is meeting and would also like to know Tim’s master plan to ignite the iPhone and iPad sales engine in the region.

“Updates are being sent on Cook’s moves, both through email and WhatsApp,” said one of the insider. “Samsung headquarters is extremely keen to know as much detail (as possible) since this is one of the longest visits which Cook is doing in any country recently and is tapping all possible sources for information.”

Cook was observed in an interview saying that the current conditions in India are very much interesting and it would be a big challenge to Apple in placing an iPhone in the hands of a common consumer who lives on $4 per day. he also added that he still believed in the iPhone refurbished program that brings cheap iPhone to the country but this idea was rejected by Indian government previous month.

The Apple boss isn’t sitting quite in the religious land, he is scheduled to meet the prime minister, Narendra Modi, to discuss the manufacturing plan of Apple products in the “MAKE IN INDIA” program. He is also meeting the heads of financial and network companies to offer the products with special financial schemes.

Looks like the Apple and Samsung fight is reviving in India after the united states and china.