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Samsung Pay might not work on non-Samsung devices

Samsung Pay might not work on non-Samsung devicesAt first, Samsung Pay has started as an exclusive for the Korean company’s high-end smartphones. Since then, the application has made it into the mid-range devices as well, and also being successful at the testing phase. The App though is only compatible with Samsung devices, but the company has plans to release it for non-Samsung devices as well. As their plan is, they want to bring up the app with a new name as Pay Mini, for all of the non-Samsung devices.

The Pay Mini could also be available for the ones who use iPhone and have iOS on their phone. Also, the company has huge plans to invest in this app, and make it available on every future device as well. It will be much easier to implement it on the future devices, because all of them will be coming with the MST technology, which is crucial for this app.

There might be also a new accessory coming for the upcoming devices, to make easier usage of the application itself. There have been no rumors and leaks about this, so we cannot get any further details.

The release of the Samsung Pay for all of the devices, might happen in either mid or late 2018. Also, the Samsung Pay is the second most used mobile payment solution, siting right under Apple Pay. The Android Pay though is currently sitting at third place. If Samsung succeeds to make partnership with the competitors, they will definitely have guaranteed first place.

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