Mid-range Samsung devices might soon get Samsung Pay

After the official release of Samsung Pay in India, the service may also hit the mid-range devices. The Galaxy J series are also included, and if everything goes as planned, the service might be spread worldwide.

The countries that want to get the Samsung Pay service, must be full of newer NFC payment terminals, just like India has. The NFC payment terminals works with all existing magnetic strip terminals, something which Apple nor Google are able to offer with their Apple Pay and Android Pay. As a report from Mashable says, the mid-range devices from Samsung have all of the needed hardware to support Samsung Pay.

There is also a solution of some of the devices don’t have fingerprint scanner. Instead of that scanner, a PIN cab be used as an authorization payment method.

For now, a trial has begun with the mid-ranged devices of Samsung. If everything goes well, the service can be officially coming up for them in near future.