Galaxy S5 Black Screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great phone, but there are few really annoying problems with the phone. One of the big issues is, for some users the screen completely goes black and becomes unresponsive. Many users also complained that even though the screen does not work, the volume rocker and other physical touch sensors work perfectly and give a vibration noise when pressed.

If your phone is suffering with similar issue, you can try these solutions. We can not give any guarantee, but it is worth to try these DIY methods before spending money to fix it.

If your phone is in black screen state and you can not do anything, remove the battery and then put the battery back and start your phone.

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Galaxy Note 5 Black Screen Solutions

Fix 1: Disable all apps / Uninstall all apps

This is the simplest solution. It worked for some people. First try to disable all apps and also clear the cache and stored data. Than restart the phone. This may fix the Galaxy S5 black screen problem.

If still the problem is there, try to uninstall all apps and restart the phone.

Fix 2: Factory Reset / Hard Reset Your Galaxy S5

Try to Factory Reset the phone. Sometime the firmware gets corrupted and because of this the phone can have different problems.

Fix 3: Remove your SD Card

SD cards have compatibility issues with different phones. Try to remove our SD card and restart your phone. If the problem is still there factory reset or hard reset the Galaxy S5 without putting the SD card back.

Fix 4: Try the steps showed in this video

If you still do not have any luck with the above solutions, contact Samsung customer support. They may fix your phone free.

  • td2423

    I followed the video instructions above and it still didn’t fix the problem. My Phone wasn’t working at all, no buttons etc. Then I removed the battery for about 10-15 minutes and put it back in and that seemed to do the trick. Phone started up and seems to be ok. I did call Samsung and the parts were under warranty. If you’re not close to a repair location you have to mail it in. Be warned you will be without a phone for 9-11 days. Hopefully your telephone provider can temporarily activate one of your old devices.

  • Damn S5

    If you dont want to read the whole thing
    Solution: Press really hard on your screen. For me, it was around the camera. Yours could be different. So press everywhere on the screen.

    For me, I dropped my phone on its screen. There was no crack or any sign of damage, but my phones screen was completely black even though I could feel all the vibrations. I took out the battery and but it back (which would work for the previous times it went black) but this time even that didnt work. I saw that guys youtube tutorial and tried it. But even that didnt work. I kept taking out the battery and putting it back in, once it showed a reddish brown start up screen and after that nothing. So I took the battery out for a couple of hours and nothing worked(at this point I was just like s**t and thought I would take it for repair in the morning). In the middle of the night I held my phone really hard below the camera (solution) and tried banging it lightly against something and I noticed my screen light up again so I kept pressing that area and it eventually worked. I took the back cover and pressed it a couple of time really hard and now its working.

    • Antonella

      You are a legend.. Same thing happened overnight to me, just read your post and bingo….. it worked. I don’t know you but thanks so much for posting this 🙂

    • Rome Norman

      It is true, you are a legend with your “press really hard” ways of teaching! Shit actually worked ?

    • Scott G

      Best! Wives phone had the brown red screen on start up and then nothing. Pressing the screen worked u legend!

    • SidTheSexist

      OMFG mate you really are a legend this just totally worked for me too! Like you I dropped the phone – pretty gently actually, no way seemed bad enough to break anything but – totally dead screen. Vibe & light came on when powering it up but no screen. Tried all the battery in/out holding in buttons for 5 mins chanting incantations etc, no go.
      Finally ^^^^ tried the Damn S5 fix here ^^^^
      Popped off the back, took out the battery, pinched REALLY hard with my fingers all round the camera area, popped the battery back in and viola screen lit up like a Xmas tree and all working perfectly again. Magic!

    • Far

      Damn S5, simply legendary !

    • yo momma

      fuck you bitch cracked my screen even more

    • S5 owner

      I had the black screen too after I had dropped it gently (no visible damage). tried everything, removing the battery, pushing buttons or a combination of buttons during startup, after startup. nothing worked. Eventually I saw your post, gave that a try and it worked! (at least for now) thanks man!

    • Pól Henderson

      Right, I have no idea why the hell this would work… but it did.
      My S5 worked beautifully for a few months then developed this issue. I tried all the supposed fixes and workarounds, nothing worked so I left it in a cupboard about 10 months ago and have been using a crappy Galaxy Fame since.
      I charged my S5 today, the issue was still there, starting up with the white noise screen, touchscreen responsive yet not lighting up… I pressed really hard on the screen…
      And it worked.
      I don’t know what the hell is going on, every bit of common sense is telling me it’s a firmware or software issue, yet pressing really hard on the screen has apparently fixed it. I’m interested to see how long for, but I’m posting this from a phone I’d consigned to the pits of hell.

    • I visited about nintey-nine Web pages and tried a variety of search engine combinations before stumbling upon this comment.
      I started reading these hilarious replies to your advice, they all confirmed that it worked. I was skeptical because sometimes the same person who posted a troll comment will make multiple accounts to get unsuspecting noobs to attempt the task and then be totally screwed feeling reeeaalll dumb.
      I figured what the hell cuz I was desperate.
      I turn off the phone, pop the battery out and gently at first start pressing my thums into the areas you were talking about with bother hands as if trying to choke a lizard or something really small. As I hit the power button after replacing the battery I’m telling myself, “there’s no friggin way this works…”
      And holy hot damn if it didnt!!!!!!
      My mouth dropped open and I was in complete awe
      The beautiful Samsung logo goes whooshing around
      Bright red Verizon screen drenching me in colorful light!!!!!
      By god, you are a legend… I dunno what possessed you to attempt such a risky maneuver, but because you had the balls to do it, I can rest knowing that the damn phone will work tomorrow.
      Thank you good sir, you’re a saint
      I’m curious tho… is your screen still working after 8 months, or have you had to repeat this?
      I mean, I’m afraid to even put the little f***er in my pocket, lol.

      • Ugunano

        It is simple. In that area there is screen connetion. Because you droped your Phone it get lose. When you press there, you simply press that connection. Chek on YouTube some videos- how to change Samsung galaxy s5 screen. Šo you can see, where its exacly is.

    • Arthur Cernijs

      OMG OMG OMG ! DUDEEEEEE i couldnt belive that i just couldnt….. HOWWWW 😀 howwww this that helped i was so skeptic SO SKEPTIC and still tryed 😀 and it helped :O omg ! THANK YOUUUU someone should pay you for this i would give like 5-10 £ and if everyone would 😀 u would get good money for that thankssssss :))))

    • The Kid From Czech Republic

      Omfg… R U kidding me?It really works!Thought the replies were fake from the fake accounts.Just take the battery out and then very hard press by two thumbs into the area around the camera.You should keep pressing that about 2 mins?Then make sure that is the battery in and then power it up.You may not believe,but it worked(at least for me)… Thx dude you saved my life of surfing in the internet that will probably take years.Rlly.Thx!

      • Sheldon

        can you please tell me how you got your phone going?

    • AiDerathar

      Wow, for two days I’ve tried to repair it and none of internet tips didn’t work. Till I found this comment. I pushed the screen and TADA!! My phone is WORKING! THANK YOU! 😀

    • graham

      Yes, yes , yes !! Phone fell 3 feet, no visible damage, but the screen was black. Tried the 123 method that others said, no joy. Thankfully I found your post. Back off, battery and cards out. Linked fingers and pressed the camera area between my palms. Worked. Thank you

    • Byndaletto Francis Oko

      genius, thank you so much…

    • Sagustian

      My phone came to black screen after auto-update. First it fail because of lack of battery. Then when attached a charger, the update continued. No longer after update finished, it showed message somethings like: “The temperature is too hot, the charging is stopped.” Then I unplugged the charger. Thus, In a few minutes my phone came to black screen.
      When the temperature returned to normal, I tried to power on the phone, it was running normal, then came to black screen again in a few minutes. The temperature fastly increased.
      I think some thing happened on the circuit board. Many tips from internet didn’t work, including the above.
      From my experience: Never do update when the phone is charging !
      Postpone it till you have the battery fully charged, it is better.

    • Aidalicious

      Omg.. had the same prob and was desperate to find a solution when I came across this tip. sounds too good to be true at first but it actually worked.. THANKS!!!!!!

    • Sheldon

      So I have this s5 and I read your posting and everyone’s else to. I tried doing your method but its not working. so can you please tell me in details how to do it like where do I press it hard and which side and should the battery be plugged on?

  • Jill Banks

    I’ve been having the same problem, and the only thing that reliably brings the screen back is to take the battery out and leave it out for at least 10 minutes. It’s not a permanent fix, but at least you’ll be able to use your phone again.

    • Laura W

      Try this! It worked for me 😀 Enable the Air wake up feature

      The Air Wake up feature allows you to wake up your phone (from standby mode), by simply hovering your hand over the front sensor.

      To enable this feature:

      Go to Settings > Personalization > Accessibility.

      Go to “Dexterity and interaction” and enable “Air wake up”.

      • Jill Banks

        Thanks for the tip! My phone has been working pretty well lately, but I’ll enable the Air Wake Up feature and see if that helps the next time the screen goes black. I also noticed that if I press the power button for about 30 secs after removing the battery, the screen comes back on more reliably than when I don’t.

  • QueenBeezBuzz

    This is a hardware issue and your phone must be repaired.

    • Laura W

      No. – Enable the Air wake up feature

      The Air Wake up feature allows you to wake up your phone (from standby mode), by simply hovering your hand over the front sensor.

      To enable this feature:

      Go to Settings > Personalization > Accessibility.

      Go to “Dexterity and interaction” and enable “Air wake up”.

  • Laura W

    I just HAD to come post what finally fixed this issue on my phone 😀 ’cause I’m so happy! Here it is: Samsung Galaxy S5 – Enable the Air wake up feature

    The Air Wake up feature allows you to wake up your phone (from standby mode), by simply hovering your hand over the front sensor.

    To enable this feature:

    Go to Settings > Personalization > Accessibility.

    Go to “Dexterity and interaction” and enable “Air wake up”. That’s it! It worked for me! Hope it works for you too 😀

  • Valerie Madden

    So we are trying this for my friends phone. She dropped it. No crack on screen but it’s all black! Help please!! Any video tutorials for us dummies 😊 haha

  • Mwaba

    I changed my battery and that fixed it. If you know someone else who has the same phone you can try and exchange batteries and see if it actually works

  • Leslie Crosbie

    Wow I thought my phone was toast but then I stumbled across this and it actually worked!!!
    Thank you!!!!

  • Puneet

    Hey I’ve found a permanent solution…sell it!! But in case you can’t then you must hold your phone in your hands/armpits/groin/wherever and warm it because fall in temperature causes black screen. You just have to raise its temperature and it’ll lighten up. It doesn’t matter how you raise it!!

  • rosebery

    The fix either works or it doesn’t but why does this happen at all? I have to do a battery pull and start up again, but the fact that this happens in the first place inspires no confidence.

  • Mannu Parashar

    I have a galaxy s5 sm g900h and i have been facing a problem with my screen. The thing is that the my screen displays colors and then everything black. I try to turn it on by power key but it doesn’t responds but after trying for 5 min to turn it on using power key, it turns on and then works properly so basically prob lies with the lock screen if my screen lock them the prob starts. I have used all above mentioned methods but none of em seems useful

    • ThePhoneGuy

      its just because the digitizer got loose. maybe when you dropped your phone the digitizer became loose and that is why the phone works after pressing it. If it is not the digitizers problem it’s not going to work

  • Olufemi Nwabudike Adonai

    How tf do you disable or uninstall apps with a black screen?

  • Bård Andersson

    How can I uninstall apps etc. if my screen is black??

  • A Chambers

    Omg!!! Thank you so much for this. It worked!!!!! I was almost in tears because my phone went black and I couldn’t get it to come back. This is very much appreciated.

  • Johan Marneweck

    Thank you, also thought it is to good to be true but tried [pressing next to the camera] it in any case and you won’t believe, LOL, or actually you will. After doing what you advised the damn phone is working again, THANK YOU SO MUCH..

  • Juliun McAlister

    Ok someone tell me why tf this works, like im actually so confused…

  • scott stone

    That’s funny because I was going take it apart and see if the connection was still secure then while researching it and noticing that it was harder to take apart then my note 3 or 4’s I began to push on it but not by the camera (I unlocked the icloud phone lock by pushing and continued tapping on the screen in middle of the phone by the apple logo and made it do things that are not normally seen or ever seen by most people) so i figured it was going to work for this S5. And of course it did and now i need to erase a phone number from a tmobile sim and make it work with the SM_G900V because I’m having a hell of a time trying to root it. I put it in the development boot with the original kitkatt rom and used dialer codes but the ones i needed would not run. I have used odin and flashed in every available versions, that i can find from kitkatt, lollipop and marshmallow, but no i can not even get the root or twrp manager to flash with the tool either. I can’t even get it into the original device recovery anymore but maybe it will now wit it fixed. Oh FYI, for anyone who has tried to boot in safe mode, it woked fine but this phone only had factory installed carrier applications installed on it so they are wrong with it being an app that had been installed by you. It is strange that the thing was working in safe mode though.