Install Android Apps into Samsung Z1 ACL for Tizen

Samsung Z1 is a very affordable phone with the latest Tizen mobile OS. Though Tizen OS looks very promising, the main problem right now is lack of many App support.

The Samsung Tizen store has a very limited number of apps at this moment and if you are a user who switched from Android OS world, then this will definitely give you much headache.

The Android Play Store has an infinite number of Apps, but as Tizen is relatively new and there is only one phone (Z1) available. So it will definitely take some time before all the popular Apps will be available in the Tizen store as well. Till that time you can use the following method to install and use different Android Apps in Tizen OS.

Install WhatsApp on Samsung Z1

Step #1: – Open Tizen Store

Enable Internet connection in your phone by connecting to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. We recommend Wi-Fi, as you need to download some big files.

Open the preinstalled Tizen Store. For the first time you need to sign-in to the Tizen Store. If you do not have an account, you can create one.

After opening and signing into the Tizen Store, search for an App called “ACL for Tizen”.

ACL stands for Application Compatibility Layer.

This is a big App with a size of around 48 MB. Download and install the app.

Step #2: – Enable ACL

After installation is finished, open the ACL for Tizen app. Open the Settings menu and Enable ACL.

Step #3: – Install WhatsApp from Tizen Store

Open Tizen Store and search for WhatsApp or any other App you want to install. After you find the App, just download and install.

At this moment very few applications are ACL compatible, but the numbers are increasing. So if your favorite App is not available at this moment on Tzen Store, it may soon get ACL compatibility.

Check out the Video if you need more help

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  • kana

    Its can’t play any types of apps without whatsapp and opera mini…

  • rishi kumar

    can i download android apps for samsung galaxy z1 from play store
    or not tell me please

    • ishit


  • shiman

    im lucky

  • rajesh

    Could u plzz develop for tizen apps.. We cant satisfy for this features or otherwise can u plzz change tizen into android version .. We r not satisy for this version … Its total waste version for ur samsung mobile thats y your samsung totally collapsed in the market sales nd fame.. We just want a good one plzz understand my problems.. Plzz give me a better results for samsung Z1 user…. Otherwise we feel not satisfied…

  • limon

    Please add skype,viber,messenger apps in tizen store.We are not totally satisfied by tizen store apps.Please develop it.

  • Fariz

    Any other way to install android apps on a tizen device?What about polaris app generator?How can i use it?Can i change the .apk format of android apps to .tpk format of tizen using polaris app generator(PAG Service).I need your suggestions and help…….I am not satisfied with the samsung’s new tizen device(samsung z1) and one more question,Is there any way to change tizen os to android os?I am not satisfied with the tizen store.This is a request.please upload picsart,messenger,uc browser and some important android apps to tizen store.
    I need your reply
    Thank you

  • Tanvir

    Tanvir hossen

  • sreerag.t.c


  • Askey Pradeepkumar

    Tizen phone waste. tizen store waste .iam not satisfied thi s phone.
    Please don’t mistake any person for this phone.

    • dhanaram jahel

      Tizen store is waste.i am not satisfied in this phone

    • ayush mishra

      Bad phone of the world ..

  • Mahesh Prince

    tizen OS is a waste,waste,waste software. all the users of samsung Z1 what atleast some of the android apps and games to run on tizen OS

  • Shere Bangla

    It is most foul phone ever i have seen in my life. It will spoil the fame of SAMSUNG brand.

  • ishit

    No,please not download because ………..i didn’t say

  • Narender Kumar

    Tizen store is not working. Whats app version is not good. And there is no imo, skype and other latest apps on tizen store. No worth of money…

  • mohammad hasan

    No whatsapp calling

  • Sumati Bhaskar

    no whats app calling

  • mahesh

    i was not satisfied with samsung z1

  • ahsan

    Samsung z-1 is one of. The worst phonesin life^

  • sunny

    i think it was just a beginning to build their own tizen OS.i hope still samsung
    can do better with other upcoming models

  • savad

    Is better a landfon

  • savad

    Please dnt buy this mobile

  • savad

    I cat open tizen store… Is need update.. Me give for updation…. Still waiting … 3dyzzz..

  • peehu

    Whatsapp calling can we do

  • peehu

    is any alternate to do whattsapp call it os really impossible if any possibility is there means plz reply me

  • peehu

    Share it app is also not there ?

  • peehu

    is sm one able to do whatsapp caling? Plz say how i can do whatsapp call , while caling from whatsapp also my call will go from mobile directly in whatsapp the call features is not working at alis it everyones problem only mines plz reply na

  • peehu

    Plz reply can we do whatsapp caling or not?

  • peehu

    I have to know plz smone reply whether we do it or not ?

  • peehu

    All are doing easily whatsapp caling except this worst sm z1 is not allowing at all those who using this cell have sm problem plz reply na

  • peehu

    Really it is worst mobille i really done big mistake in buying this mobile

  • peehu

    Whatsapp call?

    • Adi

      Did u try downloading acl??

      • ankur protim borah

        Plesss saport andriad apps for samsung z1 tizen

  • Adi

    Peehu at the moment i too do wazzup calling …. I too buyed this mobile n repenting…. Plz reply me so tat we can find a way to solve this prblm… Regards, adi

  • peehu

    Can we do whattsapp call on sam z1 ?

  • peehu

    Plz reply we can or not?

  • peehu

    What is need to download acl

  • peehu

    Help me so i can do whatsapp call

  • roja

    our samsung z1 is good but you loos your customer because you give limited apps in tizen store so please update our software with like share it or xender apps and whats app call ect then you get more demand

    • peehu

      Ya u r crect if they provide app like shareit ,whattsapp caling it will be better phone but now i am repenting why i buyied this phone

  • peehu

    Plz help us plz give app likes shareit ,whattsapp caling etc

  • peehu

    At present plz give us whatsapp caling & shareit

  • roussel

    Sorry but who i saw is not android whatsapp!! We can’t call!!

  • roussel

    It is very bad whatsapp

  • amit karn

    amit karn

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  • ankur protim borah

    Pless. Samsung z1 tizen sapora Android apps

  • sameer bal

    i have not been able to open my whats app account since my account id and password have lost please suggest a better way as soon as possible

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  • Rose

    Our samsung z1 is good but u will lose your customer because u dont add many android apps and phone is always hanging then you must update a new software and finally pls give a what’s app video call Skype IMO beauty plus games appsetcccc

  • sanjay

    VIVEK singh