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How to Install WhatsApp and Other Android Apps on Samsung Z1

Install Android Apps into Samsung Z1 ACL for Tizen
Samsung Z1 is a very affordable phone with the latest Tizen mobile OS. Though Tizen OS looks very promising, the main problem right now is lack of many App support.

The Samsung Tizen store has a very limited number of apps at this moment and if you are a user who switched from Android OS world, then this will definitely give you much headache.

The Android Play Store has an infinite number of Apps, but as Tizen is relatively new and there is only one phone (Z1) available. So it will definitely take some time before all the popular Apps will be available in the Tizen store as well. Till that time you can use the following method to install and use different Android Apps in Tizen OS.

Install WhatsApp on Samsung Z1

Step #1: – Open Tizen Store

Enable Internet connection in your phone by connecting to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. We recommend Wi-Fi, as you need to download some big files.

Open the preinstalled Tizen Store. For the first time you need to sign-in to the Tizen Store. If you do not have an account, you can create one.

After opening and signing into the Tizen Store, search for an App called “ACL for Tizen”.

ACL stands for Application Compatibility Layer.

This is a big App with a size of around 48 MB. Download and install the app.

Step #2: – Enable ACL

After installation is finished, open the ACL for Tizen app. Open the Settings menu and Enable ACL.

Step #3: – Install WhatsApp from Tizen Store

Open Tizen Store and search for WhatsApp or any other App you want to install. After you find the App, just download and install.

At this moment very few applications are ACL compatible, but the numbers are increasing. So if your favorite App is not available at this moment on Tzen Store, it may soon get ACL compatibility.

Check out the Video if you need more help