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Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working – How to Fix the Issue

Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working – How to Fix the Issue
Samsung has been on the top of the bestseller android smartphones for some time now. The company has been making amazing devices indeed in the past few years.

Recently, they are having a bit of a struggle indeed, starting with the Galaxy Note 7 last year. The phone caused huge loss of the company, not only in a financial state but also in the faith of their customers.

After the device was recalled several times and also investigated, the company continued to make new products. Their newest devices are the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Living in the shadow of the Galaxy Note 7, after the release of these two devices, is definitely not an option, as for now, they are surely a pure class compared to every other smartphone.

The devices are currently living the fame, as they gave the company little room to breathe. Nothing is critical about them, but unfortunately, there are some issues on the device’s features that do not work as it should.

One of them is the fingerprint sensor issue. As our topic says, the fingerprint sensor is not working on some of the devices.

As most of the users say, their fingerprint sensor is just not responding and does not work at all. In order to work again, some of them are rebooting their device to get it working again. But, that doesn’t seem to be a permanent solution. Some period after, the device will show the same issue again.

This issue seems to be showing on T-Mobile and Verizon’s versions of the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 Plus is also facing the same issue, but not as much as the S8. This issue is most likely to be happening because of some software malfunction.

There are several tips that you can try to see if it helps you to solve your issue. So, let’s get started.

Solution 1:

  1. Go to Lock Screen and Security
  2. After that, go to Secure Lock Settings
  3. Select the Lock Automatically option
  4. Set it to Immediately

This solution might be useful for your device, but, it may not last permanently. If this solution did not help you, you can try the next one.

Solution 2:

  1. Go to Screen Timeout
  2. Head into Automatic Lock Timer
  3. Select the Lock instantly with power key option

This solution should set the device to lock down immediately after you press the power button. Usually, the device gives itself some time to lock down after you press down the power button. But, yet again, this solution might only help for some time, none of the users have yet confirmed that this solution solved their issue permanently.

Even if these two solutions did not help you, you still do not have to panic.

Solution 3:

You can always try and contact your service provider. Samsung is well aware of this issue, and they are offering an exchange for your device.

This does not sound very well for the users because it throws back memories from the Note 7. Recalling the device might also cause even more loss of the faith of the users. Even if you choose the third solution, after you get your new Galaxy S8 and it works perfectly for several days, the issue might re-appear again.

If you thought on making a factory reset on your device, have in mind that that will not fix your issue either. The factory reset still leaves the security settings as they were and it changes nothing connected to that.

So, before we go to the final solution, that seems to be the permanent solution for your issue, let’s take a look at the possible causes.

  1. Greenify or similar apps – these kinds of apps ask you to turn off ‘instant lock’ so they can make delay locking the screen and hibernate the apps. During this process, the fingerprint sensors won’t work because the phone is not locked.
  2. Similar to above, you didn’t set the lock screen to be ‘instant’. When you try to unlock your phone, the phone is not locked, so you can’t unlock with your fingerprint sensor.
  3. Some other apps that have the permission to lock your phone. Sometimes phone locked by the apps (example Greenify) will ask you to input your PIN to unlock it for security reasons. Fingerprint sensor actually might not work under this circumstance.
  4. Fingerprint sensor gestures could potentially break the scanner feature, as other users have mentioned.
  5. The case is too thick. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus’s fingerprint sensor are significantly smaller. With the thick case on, it’s hard to reach it, and if your finger doesn’t cover about 50% of the sensor, it will not detect your finger.

After considering the possible causes for this issue, let’s head on to the final solution, which turns out to be the best solution so far.

As we mentioned in the Possible Causes, the fingerprint gestures could potentially break the scanner feature.

Solution 5:

Turn off the fingerprint sensor gestures. If you have this feature turned on, the fingerprint sensor is disabling itself once per a day, until you reboot your phone.

The fingerprint sensor gestures might not be working as it should, or they still might be missing some part, or, they might be malfunctioning due to some malware or system interference. Turning this feature off will help you fix the issue, and it should not happen again, at least for some time.

This solution turns out to be the best so far, but we will see how long it will last. If you still face the issue, then all you can do is to contact the service provider.

We can surely expect a software update to get this issue fixed. There are yet no words from Samsung about this issue, but we know that they are aware of this.

The security of your device should really be on the highest level, and Samsung is mostly focusing on that feature. Since their huge failure last year, they’ve successfully stood up on their feet and continued with their work. But, the strife for greatness still seems to be not that complete for them.