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How to Improve Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life
One of the noticeable improvements of the Samsung Galaxy S8 from its predecessors is its long battery life. The S8 is equipped with a 3,000 mAh battery while the S8 Plus has a 3,500 mAh battery. These batteries are a lot better than the 2,600 mAh of the S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 can last up to 10 hours and 30 minutes while the S8 Plus can last nearly 11 hours.

But who doesn’t want to prolong the battery life of their Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung S8 Plus phones?  This is very much true for people who rely on their smartphones for everyday tasks like surfing, checking emails, taking photos, watching videos and listening to music.

If you want to further extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S8 device, you can follow these tips:

12 Tips and Tricks to Improve Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Life

Turn on power saving mode

Perhaps the best way to enhance the battery life of the S8 is to enable its power saving mode. This can be accessed by tapping the power saving icon located in the Quick Settings menu.

There are two power saving levels to choose from – Mid and Max.

The Mid power saving mode can lower display brightness by 10 percent and minimize CPU speed to 70 percent. It can also turn off apps and the Always Display function.

The Max mode does all these things aside from reducing display resolution.

The power saving mode can be customized. You can manually adjust the individual settings like brightness and screen resolution. You can also tweak network usage and CPU speed.

Lowering screen resolution

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a maximum display resolution of 2960 x 1440. The default display resolution, though, is scaled down to 2220 x 1080 pixels.

There’s no question that max resolution is very nice to look at. It can really make you feel that you are holding a premium phone. Yet it can also quickly drain the battery as the display resolution draws power from the processor in calculating every pixel.

Power-conscious users, though, can lower the display resolution to the lowest setting of 1480 x 720 pixels.

Lower the screen brightness

This is very basic, actually. The lower the brightness setting of the S8, the lower energy it uses. You don’t need to set the brightness to more than 50 percent if you are always indoors.

You can set the device to auto brightness if you don’t want to regularly adjust the brightness of your phone. Simply go to the Settings menu then click Display and toggle the Auto Brightness feature.

Switch off always – on display

The always – on display of Samsung Galaxy S8 may also draw some juice out of the battery. You can turn it off by going to Settings then to the Lock Screen and Security section.

Turn off Bluetooth function

Since we’ve turned off the always – on display function, we might as well turn off the Bluetooth function.  You can toggle the Bluetooth function on the Quick Settings menu.

You can also go to the Settings menu and toggle off the Bluetooth function in the Connections section.

Turn off GPS accuracy

The Samsung Galaxy S8 can gather info from cell towers and Wi-Fi spots to detect the most accurate location data. You can also disable this feature to save some juice.

To turn off or lower GPS accuracy, go to the Settings menu then scroll down to the Location option. Tap on the Locating method and choose the battery saving option.

Prevent the screen from being accidentally turned on

Have you ever experienced drawing out your phone from your pocket only to realize that the screen was inadvertently turned on? This can drain your phone’s battery very quickly.

You don’t need to download and install an app to prevent the screen from being accidentally turned on. The S8 has a built-in feature for this.

You can enable the feature by clicking on Settings then going to the Display section. Scroll down to the “Keep screen turned off” option and click toggle on the right.

Turn off sound and vibration

Sound and vibrations are two features that you could also disable to save battery life.

A more efficient way of listening to movies or music is to plug in headphones. This won’t drain the phone’s battery the way that using the phone’s built-in speakers does.

Optimize the phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a very nice app that can close down apps running in the background and clear up caches.

This should help in extending the battery life of the device by ensuring that your phone won’t waste power on unnecessary apps.

The optimization feature can also speed up the S8.

To optimize the S8, you can simply go to the Settings menu then Device maintenance. Press the big blue button to optimize the S8.

Keep apps closed

Most apps won’t really close. These apps will continue to work in the background, sending notifications from time to time. Think of a fitness app reminding you every morning to start jogging.

These apps can transmit data without you knowing it and even use power that can further shorten your phone’s battery life.

But you can keep these apps closed by forcing them to sleep. Simply press on the apps icon for 2-3 seconds then choose the “Sleep” option.
This feature won’t work for certain apps like Google Playstore and Phone dialer.

Or you can simply remove the apps that you have not been using for a certain period.

Reduce screen timeout

Another surefire way to extend the battery life of the S8 is to lower the screen timeout. You can opt for the screen to go black after 15 seconds of inactivity. This is an option that is ideal for people who are not actively using their devices.

Disable dual SIM

The S8 and S8 Plus feature dual SIM slots in certain territories like India. You can disable one of the SIM cards that is not in use. You can do this by going to Settings then Connections and clicking SIM card manager. Tap the SIM card you want to disable.

These 12 tricks and tips are sure to further extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S8.