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How to install Xposed Framework on Galaxy S7

Before we get started there are a few requirements for you to be able to install Xposed.

  • Make sure you have an unlocked phone. Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge devices that are bought from AT&T or Verizon will not work.
  • You must be running some sort of ROM that is Dodexed. The stock ROM is full of a Galaxy device is full of Odex files. So that won’t work
  • Make sure you have some way to flash zips. Custom recovery or Flashfire has to be installed, but if you have a custom ROM installed, you already have one of them.

Now let’s get to the installation process.

Step 1


You have to grab couple files. First one is the Xposed installer app which will help you install Xposed modules later on. Second one is the framework itself.

Step 2

Once you have your files download, the next thing you will do is boot into custom recovery or open up the Flashfire app. For this tutorial we will use custom recovery.

Step 3


Once you booted in the custom recovery menu, you will hit the install button and then navigate to your device’s download folder where you downloaded the Xposed files. Here you will find the framework installer zip and we will select that and let it install. Once it’s done just hit reboot system.

  • Note: first boot after installing the framework will take 5 to 10 minutes. Be patient.

Step 4


When you finaly boot back up, you now have the Xposed framework installed. However, you still need the Xposed installer app in order to download and install modules.
Just install the app and when it’s finished press open.

Step 5


Once you enter in the Xposed installer app, you will check if everything is running right. Head to framework and there will be the version numbers and framework version number.

Step 6

If everything is as it should be, head to the download section and start downloading your desired modules!