A secret way to charge your Galaxy S8 quickly

Both of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus come with a fast charging support option. It represents a feature that is usual for the Galaxy family devices. We’ve seen this before on their S6 and S7 devices. However, the Galaxy S8 will not have this feature available under all circumstances. But, there is a secret trick on how you can bypass that.

Following a report from Phandroid, there is a trick on how you can quickly charge your Galaxy S8 device. They discovered that even though the device says that it’s in the Fast Charging mode, it still takes 3 hours to fully charge. After that, they decided to discover the Samsung’s little secret. By just simply turning off the screen when it shows that it’s in the Fast Charging mode, the device is getting charged by 97 minutes fully.

Many devices that were shipped with this kind of feature, have also the same problem. The Galaxy S8 is one among them.

So, if you ever feel that you are in a hurry and want to charge your phone as soon as possible, the Fast Charging mode will only be efficient if you only turn the screen off while charging.