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Top 10 Hidden Features on Galaxy S8

Top 10 Hidden Features on Galaxy S8If you were wondering if there are some hidden features on your Galaxy S8, or you find some and you are asking if there are more, well, we are here with a Top 10 list of Hidden Features for your Samsung Galaxy S8.

The device offers a phenomenal customization, and it is very easy to use. So far it is the fanciest looking device from Samsung, which came with a glory new design. Also, it has many new features, that some of them are “hidden” and you need to look for the options that it needs. Let us help you with our Top 10 list. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Hidden Features on Galaxy S8

Change the color of the navigation bar

As our first feature that we are going to show you, is how you can change the color of the navigation bar. It is just another way of how you can customize your device. To change the color of your navigation bar, open up your menu and go to Settings first. Then, choose Display and scroll down until you see the Navigation bar setting. Here, after you enter the Navigation bar settings, you will see the options you need for changing the color of your navigation bar. Also, in here you can change up the order of the navigation bar buttons, and also unlock the hard pressure feature of the home button.

Adding an App folder to your Desktop

To access your apps, what you have to do by default is to swipe up your desktop. Now, if you want to change that, and instead of swiping, you can add a button that will open up your apps. To enable this feature, hard tap on your home screen first. After that, access the Home Screen Settings. Then, go to Apps Button, and right after that, select Show Apps Button. By default, it should be hidden, and by selecting the Show Apps Button, you are enabling this feature up.

Bring notifications by swiping the back side of your device

What you actually have to do, is to swipe down the fingerprint sensor which is on the back side. By doing that, the notifications will open up on your devices screen very easily. To enable it, go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Turn On Finger Sensor Gestures. Just by doing that, you have the ability to open the notifications just by swiping your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

Send SOS message

The feature that could save your life if you are endangered, and hopefully you will never have to use it but it is good to have it in your device. What it actually does, is when you press your power key three times it sends a quick alert to your emergency contacts when you are in emergency situation. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Privacy and Emergency -> Send SOS Message.

Take screenshots

A cool feature where you can easily take screenshot and make easy edits to it. To access this feature, open up the Edge Panel just by swiping from right to the left on your device. Then, search for Smart Select feature. When you find it, you will see the options of what you can do when you take a screenshot. It is very interesting because you can add text, change the colors and even make animation.

Split Screen for using two different apps

You probably already know of this feature, but you might not know about how you can easily access this feature. Usually the Recent Button allows you to open programs that you have recently opened, but to enable it go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Multi Windows and then enable Use Recents Button. Then, you can simply and easily use the Multi Windows feature, by pressing and holding the Recents Button.

Customize your messages app

Many people might not know about this, but with the Galaxy S8 you can actually change the full style of the messages app. You can change the color of the background or add some image on it, change the conversation bubbles and much more. To access this customization menu, just go to your messages app, and then choose Settings.

Optimize Performance Modes

Also a feature that will easily optimize your device whatever you are working on it. For example, if you play a lot of games on your device, you can just simply enable the Game Performance Mode and you are good to go. To access this setting open the Settings menu, then go to Performance Mode. Here you can select your desired performance mode that you want.

One Handed Mode

Something that is also pretty cool and it comes with the Galaxy S8, is the One Handed Mode. To open this mode you just have to triple-click the home button and you are good to go. To enable this feature though, go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> Turn On One Handed Mode. It is that simple and easy to use this, and it’s also very useful feature. Also, there is an option for how you can enter the One Handed Mode to select.

Battery Life Saving ability

Just by going into Settings -> Battery, you can see the new settings that are available for your battery. With the Galaxy S8, you have full freedom to choose how your device will work. You can easily select which programs to be running and which not, when your device to make updates and on what and much more. You can see all of the settings for your battery in the menu that you are now, and it is indeed something very useful.

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