The Galaxy Note 7R having certification issues

A refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 7R might be delayed due to certification issues of the device. The Note 7R was expected to be released in the next month, in South Korea, but now it is most surely that it will have a delay.

The device has yet to receive two crucial certificates from the local regulatory agencies. The possible main reason that causes this issue might be in that the company did not submitted their device for testing. But that may not mean that it is the exact reason for the delay, because still everything remains unclear about this device and its release date.

The testing period of the Note 7R might also take some time, and we are talking about some weeks before its completion. It also gives Samsung a little bit more time to complete their paperwork for their 2016 phablet device. Also, some experts believe that the device might take really big time to be tested, just because of its past and what he’s most famous for. We all witnessed its big failure, and how the company handled that, which also caused them huge loss.

The Note 7R though, has suffered some changes in its features, but the biggest of them all is the battery capacity, which has been now lowered on 3,200 mAh. It is all for a cause of the users’ safety at first, because they will for sure not going to handle another failure on their device.

The device is expected to be retailed for 700 000 won in South Korea, and it should come with the same colors as the original product had. Still the company did not report how many products they will offer, but we will surely find out soon.