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Galaxy Note 8 looking phenomenal in new leaks

Galaxy Note 8 looking phenomenal in new leaksSo far, the Galaxy S8 has done good job with keeping the fans of Samsung satisfied. They even made them hyped for the upcoming new Galaxy Note 8. Because of that hype, we saw many leaked images from the device, and we can’t wait for the official launch of it. It is probably the most expected device from Samsung.

Now, with a few weeks away from the official reveal of the device, we have new leaks from the Note 8. These new leaks are the best one giving the look of the device with a clear view. We can see how phenomenal it looks, and how gorgeous it is even after all of the leaks, rumors and renders we saw before.

The leaked images come from a Twitter account from a noted leaker, showing the Galaxy Note 8 who is ready to hit the Chinese markets. The device looks very identical to the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, with a familiar Note touch design. It can be mostly noticed by the edges, and about the screen, we can see the amazing Infinity Display, with phenomenal graphics.

The only thing that is missing here, is the rear side of the device. In previous leaks, we had a chance to take a look at it and even be a little disappointed. The device will have its fingerprint sensor right next to the camera setup, which is not bringing some happy news. Also, we want to officially see the dual-camera setup on the back, and will it officially be true.

Also, the images are showing the almost prepared and fully finished Galaxy Note 8, which is definitely a real deal now. It is set to be revealed in late August, while its release date might be several days after it, or in early September.