Galaxy Note 8 to arrive earlier than thought?

Following a new report from South Korea, the much expected Galaxy Note 8 could arrive even earlier than said. Recently, the sales from the Galaxy S8 have been dropping down, so this might be a chance for Samsung to announce their newest device, and that could be happening soon. The sales of the Galaxy S8 have been a bit far away from the sales of the Galaxy S7 last year, so the company might be concerned.

Also, the report doesn’t suggest when Samsung will announce their device. Also, the Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to arrive in earlier September, so here is another chance for Samsung to heat up their rivarly, by announcing and releasing their device earlier. Besides, the company must prove to their fans that they moved past their failure with the Galaxy Note 7 from last year. Having the fact that the Note 7 had battery issues, the Note 8 should come with slightly smaller battery, and hopefully with no errors. So, will the Note 8 continue to fasctinate the Note family, we will find out.

The Galaxy Note 8 should be looking very similar to the Galaxy S8 lineup devices, with small changes. The screen ratio, as well as the screen size itself, will be a bit larger. In addition to that, the S-Pen stylos, 6GB of RAM and either Exynos 8895/Snapdragon 835 will power up the device. We will also see in which markets will this device be available.