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Samsung’s clamshell device leaked in hands-on video

Samsung's clamshell device leaked in hands-on videoNew hands-on video has been surfaced online showing what is believed to be the Samgung’s rumored clamshell device, wearing the name SM-G9298. Earlier today as well, an user manual guide was permaturely published on the official website of Samsung.

All the information there are about the clamshell device are only just a rumors. What is certain is that the device will ship with NFC, Samsung Pay, S Voice and wireless charging capabilities. It seems strange not having the Bixby, and instead having a S Voice on this device, but we will see even if this turns out to be true.

Also, the device should feature two 4.2-inch Super AMOLED displays. Alongside the screens, the device should have a Snapdragon 821 AB CPU, 4GB of RAM and probably 2300 mAh battery power.

This is so far the information about the clamshell device of Samsung so far. These informatino are still just a rumors, having in mind that the device doesn’t even have name yet.

It could be also happening that the device will be launching only in China, because the user manual was all written only in Chinese. Below, you can also see the hands-on video that was leaked online.