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New Galaxy Note 8 schematics leaked online

New Galaxy Note 8 schematics leaked onlineAs time comes closer to the unveil date of the Note 8, more and more leaks are coming online from it. This time, we have fresh new schematic images leaked from the look of the Note 8. The images are showing the pretty solid look at the device, with its button placements, camera clusters and the curved display. You can see the leaked image schematics on the image above.

The image is very similar to the other leaks, showing the familiar button arrangements on the sides of the device. Alongside the buttons, there is the long rectangular camera housing that is expected to hold dual-camera setup as well as the LED flashlight. There is also a space for the fingerprint sensor, which will probably be on the same position as it is on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The front of the device has the famous Infinite Display design, which seems to be designed on all sides by a bezel of sorts. This design also reminds us on the one that Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have.

Taken as a note that Samsung haven’t confirmed anything yet for the Note 8, we should be aware of these leaks and take them with a consideration. There are also rumors about the launch date of the Note 8, which should happen in later August, so we should also expect more and more leaked images from the device.

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