Since coming into the smartphone business, Apple has taken help from many different companies like Samsung  to get the parts required for its flagship. Currently, Apple and Samsung are the biggest smart phone giants in the world and they are much worse competitors than leaders. Yet keeping all this competition behind, Apple has got many parts for its iPhones produced by Samsung.

In the past models of the iPhone, LCD and other parts from Samsung were used quite widely. Taking advantage of this, Samsung was able to study Apple’s technology and produce much better technology at better prices.


Yet once again leaving all that has happened, including the long multi-billion dollar lawsuits filed by both companies, they are collaborating with each other. Apple has once again chosen its rival to design the latest chips for the upcoming iPhone. The A9 chips that will be used in the next generation iPhone are said to be supplied by Samsung.

Samsung, according to the news, will produce around 75% of these chips which means every Apple will somehow be made by Samsung in one or another way.